Unique pasta for every day from Bonatelli

24 January 20242 min reading

Taking consumer health into consideration, Bonatelli, the latest brand from Tellioğlu, graces the shelves with its additive-free and preservative-free organic pastas, appealing to both the eyes and palates.

For nearly half a century, Tellioğlu, a pioneer in food production, has introduced its new brand, Bonatelli Pasta, to the shelves.

In response to the growing demand for healthy food and with the goal of producing diverse products through the diversification of raw materials, Tellioğlu Gıda embarked on a journey to produce Organic Pastas under the name Bonatelli in 2021. Following extensive R&D studies and tastings, a range of pastas made from organic pulse flour, vegetables, and heirloom wheat have now found their place on the shelves. Leading the lineup are the most ambitious products: Organic Red Lentil Flour, Organic Green Lentil Flour, Organic Whole Wheat Pasta, and Organic Turmeric Angel Hair Pasta.

Bonatelli, without compromising the pleasure of pasta consumption, presents legumes in pasta form for a balanced diet, offering a meal with a higher nutritional value, especially appealing to children who love pasta with protein content from both legumes and eggs.

Tellioğlu Un, producing organic flour since 2017, has been making its mark in the organic market for nearly a decade alongside its quality team. Tellioğlu has shown the same commitment to Bonatelli, emphasizing a concept where pasta lovers won’t regret indulging in pasta almost every day of the week. Since its inception, the Bonatelli brand has leveraged three years of experience to introduce innovations in its packaging.

Prioritizing consumer health by appealing to both aesthetics and taste buds, Bonatelli, the new brand from Tellioğlu, graces the shelves with organic pasta, free from additives and preservatives.

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