The effect of the pandemic on the biscuit and snack industry

10 August 20222 min reading

The global snack market has gained momentum with the increase in interest in products with healthy and clean ingredients along with the pandemic. The consumption of snacks, which has become a lifestyle in the world, is increasing rapidly. Popular among all the world and his wife, snacks have been in great demand in the last two years. Nearly a quarter of consumers snack at least once per day, up from 58% a year ago, according to the International Food Information Council. This increase in snacking signals significant opportunities for food manufacturers keen on capitalizing on the trend.

Research conducted about the market, which is divided into bakery snacks, frozen snacks, confectionery snacks, and salty snacks, reveal several results regarding the sector size. In addition to many company mergers, many new investment decisions are being taken in the sector. According to the reports prepared by various organizations, the global snack market size varies between $700 billion and $1.450 billion in 2021. It is estimated that the snack market has grown exponentially in the last two years, mostly associated with the fact that people spent more time at home during the pandemic. In the face of deep interest, snack manufacturers are accelerating their R&D studies and leaning towards healthier and organic products, ensuring the continuation of the consumer's trend. Globally rising health concerns and changing lifestyles and dietary patterns have increased the demand for a variety of snack options. In addition to the substitution of meals and snacks, the increasing demand for vegan, allergen-free snacks is a significant trend driving the industry.

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