Food Safety in Bakery, Pasta, and Biscuit Industry, and Sustainability

19 July 20182 min reading
The food safety is an international area. Food safety and health are an inseparable part of the whole. The importance of information technologies and digitalization in the widespread use of food safety applications and its implementation more efficiently increase day-by-day. The innovative approach in the safe production of foods, their control and analysis is indispensable. In this area, it has become imperative to share data, to make more cooperation, and to carry out interdisciplinary studies. In today’s world, international regulations on food are based on “acceptable risk” and aimed at protection of human health with the scientific-oriented approach.EKMEK Foods are open to interactions with thousands of factors that can pose health risks in the process from farm to fork. There are also elements that can carry health risks in the natural structures of foods. There is no food on this earth including homegrown and home cooked foods that have zero-risk. Microbiological contaminants and chemical pollutants, mycotoxins, environmental pollutants reflected in the food, process contaminants, and residuals are among prominent risks in this sector.  Advanced analysis techniques and scientific developments have brought new risks to our agenda. Some of these risks have existed since there is food on this earth, but these risks are more well-known in recent periods. This is best exemplified by acrylamide formation due to high heat treatment during food production.
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