The new focal point of agribusiness in Southern Italy: Gustus Exhibition

25 February 20162 min reading
Completing its second edition with a great success, Gustus, the expo of Mediterranean flavors, is considered as a focal point for the revival of agribusiness in South Italy., bbm_16_1 The second edition of Gustus Exhibition which is a major trade fair for food and agribusiness in Southern Italy was realized Napoli, Italy between 3 and 5 December 2015. The exhibition with over attendance of 8000 visitors ended with a great success. In three days of exhibition, leading figures of the industry including the President of ICE Riccardia Maria Monti and the Mayor of Naples, Luigi de Magistris and the Director General for Agriculture of the Campania Region Diasco Philip, as well as Corrado Martinangelo and Amedeo Lepore visited Gustus. The Minister of Agricultue and Forestry, Maurizio Martina said about the exhibition as follows: “Gustus and Naples can be the focal point for the revival of agribusiness in South Italy thanks to the participation of many buyers selected by ICE (The Italian Institute for Foreign Trade); Gustus can facilitate the matching of our business with new foreign markets.” Large-scale retailers, organized or otherwise, catering and horeca, the directors of almost all the major hotels of Campania interested in new and traditional industry of agricultural and food products of the region and have identified Gustus as the medium that can facilitate market penetration in southern Italy. Turkish companies visited the exhibition through the organization of ICE - The Italian Institute for Foreign Trade. The exhibition which BBM Magazine attended as visitor was held on an area of 6000 sqm with 120 exhibitors. The organizers states that the exhibition recorded an increase of 12% in the attendance compared to the first edition developed last year.
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