TMO to sell bread wheat for 1775 liras

25 September 20202 min reading

The Turkish Grain Board (TMO) set the sale prices of wheat. The sales prices were reported to be determined as 1775 TL per ton for bread wheat and 1950 TL per ton for durum wheat.

Wheat production, which was 19 million tons in 2019, is predicted to increase by 8 percent this year to 20.5 million tons, said a statement from the General Directorate of the Turkish Grain Board (TMO). It was pointed out that the country's overall production is at a level to meet the domestic consumption, when the wheat consumption is calculated to be around 19 million tons. The statement made the following evaluations: “Our organization announced the purchase price of hard bread wheat as 1650 lira per ton, and durum wheat as 1800 lira per ton on May 4th, and the grain harvest across the country has been completed." The statement reminded that the TMO formed its stocks primarily through domestic purchases during the harvest period and reinforced its stocks with foreign purchases after the harvest period was over by not making the producers suffer, emphasizing that the imports were carried out in order to ensure stability in the domestic market, to protect consumers and to prevent speculative price movements during the season. “At this point, it has been decided that our wheat stocks will be opened for sales as of October. In this context, our sales prices for October 2020 have been determined as 1775 TL per ton for bread wheat and 1950 TL per ton for durum wheat. Grain markets are closely monitored by our organization and all measures for market regulation will continue to be taken in the upcoming period, as it has been until today,” the statement added.

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