Uno presents sandwich bread with cereal Quinoa and Chia seed

12 March 20182 min reading

UNO, one of the pioneers of the packaged bread industry, has developed two new products. It released Uno Premium Whole Wheat Quinoa enriched with ancient cereals and Sandwich Bread with Chia Seeds.


UNO, which added many different cereals to its bread types with in order to increase nutritional value, presented its Uno Premium Whole Wheat Quinoa, enriched with ancient cereals and has intense wheat taste, Chia Seed sandwich bread. Going beyond the ordinary, the packaged bread brand UNO offered its sandwich bread with its healthy eating vision. Improved with adding different cereals and produced with full grain wheat flour, Uno Premium Whole Wheat Quinoa and Chia Seed sandwich bread has intense wheat taste and has reached richer nutritive value with cereals. This product includes wheat without separating bran, endosperm and wheat germ levels and thus it protects its nutritional value. It has high protein, fiber, vitamin and mineral. Chia seed, an ancient cereal, has high Omega 3 value, and that’s why it plays a significant role in protecting heart and vascular disease. Also, because of fiber, it regulates blood sugar. One of the richest nutrients in terms of protein is the quinoa seed, which contains twice as much fiber as other grains. This supports the regulation of the digestive system, while the low glycemic index it keeps one full or a long time.

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