Contest provides Yıldız Holding USD 150 million cost advantage

12 March 20182 min reading

Yıldız Holding chose the best business applications with Year’s Stars awards among the employees of its companies all around the world. This year, 154 projects stood for the best application in this contest and the winner has provided the company with a cost advantage of USD 150 million.


Yıldız Holding awards employees all around the world with the Year’s Stars Award since 2008. Encouraging personnel to develop a project to take the company and themselves a step forward and distributing award for this have turned into a tradition and culture in general for the company. This has begun with 39 projects and quadrupled in 2017 and reached 154 projects. These project created about 150 million US dollars cost advantage for Yıldız Holding. Ali Ülker, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yıldız Holding, spoke as follows: “As Yıldız Holding, we are closing 2017 with a turnover of 42.3 billion TL. Last year we realized a growth of 22 percent. We currently have 80 factories in 14 countries. 55 of them are in Turkey. The export target of the snack group from Turkey is 900 million liras. We left behind a successful year behind us. Last year, Kerevitaş bought Beşler, a strong brand, and became the second largest food company in Turkey. We are excited for 2018. We began a public offer for ŞOK Market, which has 51,600 shops in 81 cities and become the fastest growing retailer in 2017 just like it was in 2016. We will continue to open three ŞOK shops per day in 2018.”

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