Wasa introduces vegan gluten-free crispy bread

04 October 20191 min reading

Wasa, which is the choice of healthy nutrition in 40 countries and is one of the brands that compensate 100% of total carbon dioxide emissions in 2019, continues to renew and develop its offers. Wasa announced that it started producing its special crispy bread with one hundred percent vegan for those who wish to eat properly and who has gluten and lactose intolerance and want to consume gluten-free products. Wasa’s gluten-free crispy bread enables healthy-eating consumers to prepare rich, nutritious, and practical menus In addition to vegan gluten-free crispy bread, Wasa introduces two sandwich varieties: Humus and Frank Onion. These sandwiches contain high rate of fiber that enables consumers to feel full for a longer period. This also helps digestive system. Additionally, the new Humus Wasa Sandwich is 100 percent vegan like the Gluten-Free Crisp Bread. Wasa offers nutritious meal alternatives with unprocessed whole grains, which are produced by natural methods and contain no preservatives and coloring agents.

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