WP MATADOR with WP NAVIGO 3 with video capability

19 November 20186 min reading

At  the  iba  2018,  the  WP  MATADOR  will  be  presented  using  the  latest  control  system  generation,  WP  NAVIGO  3.  The  control  system  has  video  capability  and  contains  many  other  features  that  simplify  the  operation  of  the  ovens  considerably.  The  traditional  deck  oven,  which  is  renowned  around  the  world  for  its  particularly  high  baking  quality,  celebrates  its  65th  anniversary  this  year. For  optimum  oven  utilization  even  with  smaller  batches,  each  deck  can  be  operated  at  different  temperatures  or  individually  switched  off. Top  and  bottom  heat  can  each  be  separately  controlled.  

wp navigo 3

Roland Breimann WP BAKERY GROUP Export Sales Manager

The latest generation of the proven oven control system WP NAVIGO 3 features a clearly designed 10-inch touch display, which is now by design separated from the central processing unit (CPU). This provides the advantage for bakers, that the control panel can be quickly and cost-efficiently replaced, should the surface be damaged. The display can be operated by touch and using three mechanical buttons. The oven can thus be switched on or off and started, without the operator having to take off the gloves.

The software of the oven control system with video capability sets new standards. The WP Assistant feature with OvenCare includes oven-specific training films by default. This renders operating instructions on paper a thing of the past. Instead, descriptive films explain in an easily understandable way, for example, how to clean the oven or carry out minor maintenance task, such as changing a lamp. Moreover, bakers can use the BakeInfo feature to store their own training films for each baking program.

ZYKLOTHERM: The heating system for top quality baking results To achieve the very best quality baking results, a quiet baking atmosphere through heat radiation is optimal. That requires a high-quality heating system that allows the baking stones to spread the heat evenly across the entire baking area, and transfer it to the baked goods. That is why Werner & Pfleiderer developed a special heating gas system called ZYKLOTHERM for the MATADOR from the start and has continuously perfected it over the past decades.

The ZYKLOTYHERM system is based on the principle of forced circulation with short burner operating times. The heating gases take the shortest route through the channels and enter at the front, in the most sensitive area of the oven. In that way, they perfectly compensate for the heat loss in that area and ensure a uniform temperature for even baking results with a fine crust and full flavor.

Because of its stable-temperature and highly durable heat exchangers, the MATADOR can also be used continuously at extremely high temperatures such as are required for heavy-crusted breads with a rye content. For any type of baked goods, the heat exchangers are the essential requirement for perfect base formation and volume and enable unrestricted baking with flexible temperature curves.

Stone lining option: for baking with radiant heat only In principle, the WP MATADOR can be compared to a wood-fired oven: both bake using heat radiation. The difference is that a wood-fired oven stores the energy created by burning wood in stones. With the MATADOR, however, the energy used for baking is constantly replaced by hot exhaust gas. In order to trim the characteristics of the MATADOR even stronger in the direction of a wood-fired oven, a stone lining of the ovens is available as an option. In this way, energy can be stored and used to significantly reduce a drop in temperature during loading. This results in an even better crust and volume formation due to the lower temperature level, the avoidance of scorching and a significantly increased oven drive at the beginning of the baking process. This creates outstanding product qualities, both visually and in terms of flavor, which are not reproducible in industrial bakery production.

High-performance vapor: rich steam for batch-on-batch The powerful vapor piping system in the burner compartment delivers sufficient saturated steam for batch-on-batch production. The integrated vapor distribution system promotes rapid and even atmosphere generation in the baking chamber. The dry hot air is carried away via the relief flaps of the vapor positive-pressure system and replaced with vapor, i.e. saturated wet steam. The vapor draft ensures fast, forced vapor removal from the baking chamber when making steam-sensitive products so that they form a perfect crispness.

A high-tech insulation layer 30 cm thick reduces surface heat loss from the oven by around 11 % compared with conventional ovens.

Variable in size and heat output The MATADOR is available with baking areas ranging from 8 to 43 m2 and in four different versions.

The basic model is the MATADOR MD with a baking area of 8 to 19 m2, 4 to 6 decks and stainless steel baking compartment doors.

The MATADOR MDV is the maxi version with a baking area of 8 to 43 m2, primarily suited to use with semi and fully automatic loading units and, like the MD, designed for a choice of oil or gas operation.

Electrical baking on stone lining The MATADOR MDE is a directly heated electric deck oven with 4 to 5 decks and a baking area of 8 to 18 m2. For optimum oven utilization even with smaller batches, each deck can be operated at different temperatures or individually switched off. Top and bottom heat can each be separately controlled. In addition, each individual deck has its own steam unit that can be switched on and off as required – an important function for saving energy and costs.

The MATADOR STORE is the premium electric model for the in-store bakery sector. It has a baking area of 0.24 to 4.8 m2, and is suitable for various types of baked products from bread to small baked goods thanks to its three optional oven heights. Its modular design allows precise adaptation to the quantity requirements of a store location. The MATADOR STORE also has a Frontpower heating system that provides for stable temperatures in the sensitive front area of the oven. This is an important aspect for the in-store bakery market because the baking compartment doors are opened more frequently than in conventional baker’s shops. The Frontpower heating system prevents the temperature dropping at the front of the baking compartment so that the quality of the baking results remains constantly high.

History: baking technology revolutionized by the MATADOR The development of the MATADOR with its Zyklotherm heating system revolutionized baker’s shop technology more than 60 years ago. It made flexible production possible for the first time. That was because, in contrast with brick-built wood or coal-fired ovens, the MATADOR did not require a long and costly preheating period. The then innovative steel heat design also increased capacities due to its space-saving design. The MATADOR provided five decks on the same floor space and, therefore, a significantly larger baking area than the maximum three decks of the fireclay ovens.

Then as now, the MATADOR convinces bakers by one feature above all – the outstanding quality of its baking results. That made it a top-selling export as long ago as the 1950s and a synonym for German craftsmanship. Even today there are still bakeries in places such as Rome with signs that proudly advertise that their products are baked in a MATADOR. A quality feature such as “Made in Germany”.

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