"We will continue to strengthen our position together with FRITSCH"

30 November 20203 min reading

Ersin Kılıç MULTIVAC Turkey Sales Director

MULTIVAC Turkey Sales Director Ersin Kilic shared with us the flexibility Fritsch has provided with dough processing machines and modular production systems as well as objectives of the company for the future.

FRITSCH, a strong MULTIVAC brand, continues to focus on the future by maintaining its leading position in the global markets and in our country. MULTIVAC Turkey Sales Director Ersin Kilic, shared with us the flexibility FRITSCH has provided with dough processing machines and modular production systems as well as objectives of the company for the future.

“We will continue to strengthen our position in bakery products industry as FRITSCH joins MULTIVAC Group”

Stating that FRITSCH's projects in the bakery products industry continue to increase after joining the MULTIVAC Group, Ersin Kilic said, “FRITSCH, which was established in 1926 and has a worldwide expertise and reputation in dough processing equipment in the bakery industry, as you know, entered under the roof MULTIVAC Group as of 2019. FRITSCH is now a strong MULTIVAC brand with its production and quality, sales and after sales services. Thanks to our widespread sales and service network around the world, we will continue to strengthen our position by maintaining high customer satisfaction both in our country and in global markets.”

“FRITSCH focuses on a production process using continuous laminated dough, based on automation and offering solutions”

Adding that the increasing cost pressure and the lack of qualified personnel have created a need for automation in the bakery products sector, as in many other sectors, Ersin Kilic went on to say, “FRITSCH, regarding the solutions it provides, focuses on a flexible process where bakery products can be produced from continuous laminated dough. However, many companies using traditional production technology continues to produce bakery products from dough pieces that can be reshaped later. The laminated dough systems we offer have a modular structure, unlike traditional production. Thus, we offer highly flexible production advantage by enabling production of multiple products on a single equipment. Our customers, who previously needed to invest in several different machines in order to produce different product alternatives, can produce these product alternatives through a single FRITSCH system by switching to our technology. Our solutions can be extended very flexibly and help our customers respond easily to different kinds of demands from the market. Our production technology which we process the dough as laminated are very flexible on products. Our dough sheeting process, in which we apply much less pressure and stress to the dough, guarantees very tasty and attractive bakery products.”

“We will continue to make a difference with our more flexible and compact systems and digitalized innovative solutions”

“In the future, we will see that FRITSCH and MULTIVAC will develop new and innovative solutions together and present these solutions to the market. Certainly, further increasing the flexibility and performance of laminated dough production systems is also among the middle term plans of FRITSCH. We will keep attaching great importance to compact systems that take up less space because each square meter in production facilities has higher costs. Finally, the issue of digitalization is becoming more important in the bakery products industry as in many other sectors. “I can say that we will continue to develop many of our solutions such as preventive maintenance, process monitoring and analysis, which we already offer to our customers,” told Ersin Kilic, sharing the objectives of FRITSCH in upcoming periods.

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