‘‘Innovation in food processing plays a critical role in sustainable nutrition’’

20 March 20243 min reading

Alapala, one of the world leaders in grain, pasta and feed processing technologies, laid emphasis on the role of innovation in global food security on the 20th of March, World Flour Day. Görkem Alapala, CEO of Alapala Holding, highlighted the vital importance of combining traditional knowledge with innovative technologies in the production of flour, which constitutes one of the basic elements in the nutrition of humankind.

Alapala laid emphasis on the role of innovation and technology in food security, which constitutes the most important agenda of humanity, on the 20th of March, World Flour Day. Emphasising that flour, one of the most basic nutrients in human history, still remains the main source of nutrition despite intercultural differences, Görkem Alapala, CEO of Alapala Holding, stated: ‘‘With our innovations in food processing technologies, we aim to contribute to the nutritional needs of the entire world in the long term by increasing the quality and accessibility of flour.’’

Efficiency and technology of sustainability

Görkem Alapala expressed that Alapala technology, which has been one of the pioneers of innovation in food processing technologies for 70 years, has been built on the values of sustainability and efficiency. Alapala added: ‘‘Innovations in food processing technologies contribute to global food security by increasing the efficiency and sustainability of the flour production processing. Furthermore, energy and cost savings achieved through modern technologies benefit not only producers but also consumers. The efficient use of all resources, from energy to water, decreases the enormous amounts of waste in food production processes and benefits our planet on the macro perspective.’’

The significance of feeding the world’s growing population in the most efficient manner

Stating that the world population is expected to reach 9 billion in the year 2050, Alapala made the following statements: ‘‘We owe it to our children to utilise the existing resources correctly and not to steal from the resources of the future generations. Thirty per cent of the total energy consumed on a global scale is generated from food production. As Alapala, we remain aware of our responsibility in our sector, namely in grain, pasta and feed processing. As we establish turnkey factories that transform products such as rice, wheat and corn into final products or intermediate products through certain processing methods, we also implement the technology that will ensure maximum efficiency with minimum resources in production..

 Alapala is also a supporter of the global charity movement

The 2024 World Flour Day is celebrated by the members of the Global Milling Community under the theme of ‘Solidarity Day’. Community member companies make donations to the child welfare foundations and orphanages all over the world with the global movement they initiated by emphasising social responsibility awareness. Alapala also took part in the campaign as one of the promoters of this global movement. Görkem Alapala emphasised that the movement has a symbolic meaning to highlight the importance of World Flour Day and said, ‘‘We are determined to continue to support and develop all efforts aimed at making our world a more liveable place, especially for future generations.’’

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