13 out of 100 people have gluten sensitivity

06 December 20224 min reading

According to the data obtained from the Health Information Systems affiliated to Türkiye’s Ministry of Health, there are 138,230 celiac patients diagnosed in Türkiye as of the end of 2021. Even if the celiac test is not positive, the rate of gluten intolerance or non-celiac gluten sensitivity in the population, of which main symptoms are watery stool, abdominal pain, abdominal bloating and depression, is estimated to be approximately 13%.

Çağlar Aksu
Deputy Chairman
Aly Foods

According to Research and Markets, Gluten-Free Bakery Market Global Industry Growth Trends and Market Forecast Report, the global gluten-free product market is expected to exceed $5 billion in volume by 2026, with an annual growth of 11.9%. In the same report, it is pointed out that packaged products are consumed more than gluten-free options in restaurant menus and that the interest in ready-made foods has a greater role in this increase. There are approximately 140 thousand celiac patients in Türkiye. We aim to increase our gluten-free product portfolio as the delicious and safe product options are limited for those with gluten sensitivity. Accordingly, our gluten-free Nachos and Taco Shells products took have already hit the shelves.. 

We want to offer healthy and delicious options to those who eat gluten-free

We produce mostly grain-containing products. We don’t want to ignore the growing number of gluten sensitive consumers. Gluten is a protein found in many foods, especially wheat. Gluten-free diets are deprived of bakery foods because gluten is found in products containing grains. As Aly Foods, our products, which we produce with our experienced food engineers and expert staff in our facility located on an area of 54 thousand square meters, reach many countries of the world including Türkiye. While we were thinking about what we can do for consumers with gluten sensitivity, we offered our gluten-free nachos chips and taco shells to consumers. The positive feedback we received also encouraged us to increase our gluten-free product range. Our entire production consists of products such as tortillas, taco shells, nachos, pizza bases and traditional ready-made doughs.

Our main goal is to bring consumers together with safe food products

Consumer awareness is increasing in our country. Consumers are very right in their demand to reach quality, healthy and safe products. In our country, there is a large consumer group who do research on the foods they buy and do not want to buy a nutrient that is harmful to health and the environment. We know that the demands of this conscious mass are high quality, safe and healthy food, and they are absolutely right in this regard. For this reason, we act in compliance with high quality and safe food standards at every stage from production to packaging. We actively implement the BRC quality system with our understanding of quality production. Our products comply with TSE, FDA and HALAL documents, and are sensitive to the environment and human health.

Day by day, we are expanding our product portfolio with new products 

We aim to expand our product portfolio in line with new demands and trends by constantly monitoring local and global consumption habits and trends. As Aly Foods, we know that the secret of taste is quality. We offer environmentally friendly and delicious products by applying hygiene and sanitation rules in our modern factories built with the latest technology. We make zero-touch production with high quality equipment and raw materials paying regard to the quality standards. Moreover, our only target audience is not the end consumer. With our B2B portal, where we apply the e-commerce sales model from business to business, we provide Horeca, that is, businesses in the hotel, restaurant and cafe sector, with the opportunity to purchase all our products from the factory without intermediaries and commissions, and we aim to develop and expand it day by day in this regard. With the philosophy of adding unusual flavors to the food industry and with an innovative approach, we are expanding our product portfolio with delicious and healthy products day by day.

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