A new perspective for sustainability and security in the $8.3 trillion food industry

16 May 20226 min reading

The pandemic, the climate crisis, the Ukraine-Russia war, and other triggering factors have hit the food industry and food security. The successive effects made the sustainability of food questionable. It is an inevitable fact that measures for the production and logistics of food, the world's largest economic cycle, have to be taken as soon as possible.

The countdown has started and preparations have been started to organize the "World Food Forum" to bring a new perspective to food. Prof Mustafa Bayram gave information about the "World Food Forum", which is preparing to be the most important meeting of the world and Turkey in the field of food, and where all issues of food will be discussed in the future by making new cooperation to draw the vision of food within the structure of "YES Food Expo & Forum". "The world and food are changing, it is necessary to prepare for the future. It is necessary to do new things, make new plans and say new things," Bayram said. He asserted that this new vision plans to make Turkey the Davos of Food.

This new initiative, which set out with the plan to become the "Davos of Food", will carry out its activities under the organization of "YES Food Expo & Forum" in order to draw a new vision on a global basis. Mustafa Bayram said that they aim for a sustainable, safe, fair, environment and planet-friendly food system and added: “The significance of the sector has been understood during the pandemic period and it has been seen that when food production, distribution, and safety are endangered, great chaos arises. "YES Food Expo & Forum" will be held after the pandemic for the first time and will be an organization that will draw a new vision for food for the world and find solutions to crises, and all stakeholders of the issue will come together."


Emphasizing that YES Expo & Forum will be regarded as a world food summit, just as Davos is an international world economic summit in the forthcoming period, Prof. Dr. Bayram said, “The food industry invests in R&D and innovation, and develops innovative products to consolidate its place in the food industry, of which annual global volume reaches 8.3 trillion dollars. Countries and cities are changing their food policies. “YES Food Expo & Forum” will take its place as an international expo and summit, just like Davos, with important contents and events."


“YES Food Expo & Forum” will proceed with two visions. The first part is the forum part where food will be discussed and experts will take part, and the second part is the Expo part where the food industry will be integrated into this innovative approach. In the Expo section, companies will present themselves to the sector for the changing food sector, for the future, by taking part with their brands, visions, and products, and they will come together with new food-business models, new collaborations, and food consumers.

Prof. Dr. Bayram said that Yes Food Expo & Forum, which will bring together the food industry under one roof, will showcase the newest implementations of the food sector and added that companies will have the opportunity to introduce their most innovative products and companies that want to stand out in national and international markets will also have the opportunity to catch up with connections and collaborations in the new food world with this new approach. “Expo & Forum, which will increase the innovative capacity of the food industry, will bring millions of dollars in movement in the field of food. With its strategic location, know-how, technology, and flexible business model, Turkey has a resource that can take initiative and lead, therefore, Turkey can be one of the main decision centers of food, and this needs to be evaluated. For this reason, Turkey is one of the most ideal countries for the "Food Forum". This organization, which will start with the first edition this year, will continue periodically in the coming years.” he said.


Yes Food Expo & Forum, which aims to contribute to the creation of a sustainable, safe, fair, environment and planet-friendly food system, will be held at the Istanbul Expo Center, which attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors from Turkey and abroad every year under the organization of BİFAŞ United Fuar Yapım A.Ş., which organizes international specialized fairs in various sectors with its experience of more than 25 years. At YES Food Expo & Forum, thousands of visitors from nearly 100 countries of the world will be able to meet and access companies.


* Yes Food Expo & Forum will open its doors at IFM from 30 November to 3 December 2022.

* It gathers the public, consumers, researchers, decision-makers, producers, and companies on the same platform for Food Security.

* Topics such as new food systems, sustainability, green energy, food security, food policies and economics, water security, climate change, carbon footprint, green deal, food stocks, safe food production, global food logistics, and innovative foods will be discussed, sessions with special agendas will take place.

* Strategically important topics such as biotechnological food, military food, and innovative products make Yes Food a center of attraction.

* It is reshaping Country and City Food Policies.

* Yes Food Forum will be the meeting point for national and international experts, academics, and business people.

* For a Sustainable Future, in addition to the 'Yes Awards', the exhibitors will hold workshops at the Expo, which will last for four days, and offer visitors a taste of their sustainable, innovative, and delicious products developed as a result of R&D studies. The works of NGOs, startups and R&D organizations will be evaluated, and projects that open new horizons for the future will be encouraged.

* Innovative Sustainable Food Expo & Forum, which is preparing to be the most ambitious meeting of the world and Turkey in the field of food and beverage, will bring together all the stakeholders of the sector and lay the groundwork for the latest trends in the sector, new products, and new business partnerships.

* You can visit for more information and attendance.

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