An expert name in bread industry: FARMHAUS

24 May 20174 min reading

Deniz OR, Farmhaus: “Farmhaus, in seventeenth year of flour mixtures sector in bread industry that can be considered as a new sector for our country, is planning to increase its market share with an increasing acceleration also in the future as one of the important companies of the sector thanks to its innovation and leadership understanding on this subject.”


This month, BBM Magazine is hosting Deniz Or who is Agricultural Engineer and partner of Borsoy Gıda Sanayi carrying out activity on bread making for more than 25 years. It produces ready flour mixtures and raw materials for 35 different bread types with products having brand of Farmhaus that it produces itself.

Deniz Or, stating that demand for healthy nutrition and functional food has increased over the last decades, explains that they are aiming to focus only on products for bread making with Farmhaus brand, to produce best, best quality and boutique products and to specialize on its own area.

We talked about place of Farmhaus on bakery sector, product range, its aims and technical infrastructures with Deniz Or. We are obtaining details from Or…

First of all, could you please give us some information about Borsoy Gıda & Tarım Ürünleri Ticaret ve Sanayi Ltd. Şti.? When was the company founded and what is the activity area? Borsoy Gıda Endüstrisi has been operating in the area of bakery since 1989, and has continued its services in ready-made bread mixes and specialty bakery products from İzmir to the hotels, patisseries and bakeries in Turkey and abroad with Farmhaus products since 2001.

Could you tell us about your product variety? Is the target group for these product individuals or bakery industry in general? Our company produces ready flour mixes and raw materials for about 35 different varieties of bread, and expands its product range with new products every day. The primary target audience of Farmhaus is the bakeries and businesses looking to produce bakery products, boutique and quality bread, and in the last one year, we have offered home-type products and products for individual consumers.

Regarding the bread industry which has been changing and improving constantly for years, what is the interest level for bread varieties and what is your future expectation in this issue? Particularly in the last two or three years, there is an increased demand which goes parallel to the increased interest in healthy diets and functional food products. The fitness bread mix and buckwheat bread which we have developed for people who work out and who want to stay in shape are the top selling products in recent days.

What is the share of Borsoy Gıda in bread mixes market? Where are you planning to see yourself in this market? Farmhaus, entering its 17th year in the industry of bakery flour mixes, which can be considered as quite new for our country, plans to increase its market share in the future with an increasing momentum as one of the important companies in the sector with its innovative and pioneering approach.

Do you have any export activity or any plan for this? Could you share with us if you have? Our company, which introduces its products at exhibitions abroad, has contributed to national exports by sending its products abroad for about 6 years, and it is increasing its exports every year.

Could you give us information about the other activities and products of your company? At Farmhaus, we aim to focus only on bakery products, producing the best, top quality boutique products and specializing in this field.

How can the customers find the products Borsoy Gıda produces? Our company reaches individual consumers at national supermarkets.

Let us know about your technical structure and production systems? Our company, which has increased its production capacity in response to the rapid increase in interest in variety bread in our country, will further improve the quality with the new machine park, which will undertake production without a touch of hand on the products, to be launched next month. Our products are manufactured with ISO2200 quality assurance system and delivered to customers with unconditional customer satisfaction.

Is there any bread mix that you will launch soon or any other product? We believe the prebiotic bread mix, which we still work on, will be one of the top selling products in the future.

Finally, what would you like to add about Turkish bread and bakery products market or your companies’ targets? To help the development of the bread market in Turkey, we should be sensitive on the issue of education. Baking schools should be opened to train young bakers and to help them like their profession. Personally, I give lectures at schools and associations that offer baking lessons, and I try to support and participate as a speaker at panels about baking. I see a great potential in our country, which is the world leader in per capita consumption of bread, and I look to the future with great hope.

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