Barry Callebaut continues investments in Turkey with R&D Center

06 July 20226 min reading

Barry Callebaut, the producer of chocolate and cocoa products, which opened its first sales office in Turkey in 2005 and made its factory investment in Eskişehir in 2013, continues its investments in the country. In an attempt to be closer to its customers and to offer better solutions, the company opened a full-fledged R&D Center with enough capacity to serve the whole world from Turkey.

Ahmet Turgut
Turkey's General Manager 
Barry Callebaut

Barry Callebaut, the world's leading producer of chocolate and cocoa products, officially opened the Turkey R&D Center. In the 2021 fiscal year, 294 out of 3948 pilot tests conducted at the R&D centers in the Barry Callebaut EEMEA region were carried out at the Barry Callebaut Turkey R&D Center. In the same period, 50 out of the 1217 application tests performed in the region were carried out at the Barry Callebaut Turkey R&D Center. Most of these tests have been implemented. 


Mentioning the place and importance of Turkey in Barry Callebaut, Barry Callebaut Vice President of EEMEA Fabian Stierli emphasized Turkey's strong and stable growth in EEMEA and said: “Turkey is one of the most important markets for us. It has great potential with its young population, geopolitical location, and market opportunities. Barry Callebaut Turkey continues to grow in parallel with this potential. The company ranks 2nd among 89 countries within the EEMEA Region with a volume of 17%. It currently has the 2nd best volume growth and the best margin growth in EMEA, especially in the Gourmet market, which covers the patisserie & bakery, artisanal, HORECA, and semi-industrial sectors. In the gourmet market, Turkey ranks 7th worldwide in terms of volume, ahead of Belgium and not far from Italy! Our Eskişehir production facility is an important step towards utilizing the potential of the rapidly growing region. This is in line with our strategy to expand our geographic presence in markets that offer above-average growth opportunities. It also helps us strengthen our position in the region. For this reason, we continue our investments in Turkey with the R&D Center, and we will continue to support our growth targets with our investments.”


Barry Callebaut Turkey's General Manager Ahmet Turgut stated that the volume of the chocolate and confectionery market in Turkey is approximately 455 thousand tons; the average per capita consumption in Turkey is around 3.1 kg and lags behind the world. Turgut said that these data show that Turkey's potential is at the very beginning. Turgut also said at the press conference: “Turkey is among the fastest-growing chocolate markets in the world. Therefore, Turkey offers great opportunities for Barry Callebaut. Our market standing is an indicator of this. We think that the chocolate and confectionery market in Turkey has a volume of approximately 455 thousand tons. Industrial companies that have the competence to produce their chocolate constitute 350 thousand tons of this market. The 100 thousand-ton part, which we call the open market, consists of suppliers of chocolate and cocoa products like us, who produce for companies that do not have production capacity. We direct a large part of this 100 thousand-ton open market with our 40 thousand-ton production volume. Turkey is also of great importance as export to Africa and the Middle East is possible. We have planned to develop our factory's capacity and competencies to meet this export demand. While a factory investment is being made in Turkey, we purchased this area so that another factory of this size could be established. At Barry Callebaut Turkey, we evaluate growth opportunities both at home and abroad.”

 Turgut stated the following about the competencies of the factory in Eskişehir and Barry Callebaut Turkey: “We have doubled the capacity of our factory with the line investments made in the last two years. In addition to the existing chocolate lines, we have also established block chocolate and praline line. In addition to chocolate production, we also manufacture other popular product groups such as block chocolate, filling, and praline in our factory. We are also expanding the product range in Turkey according to the market development and needs. We have developed more than 50 new products and recipes in the last 3 years. We gained momentum, especially after the R&D Center. We produce vegan, sugar-free, or high-protein recipes to meet market demands according to trends. In this way, we help our customers catch up with the trends.”

 Continuing his speech with the importance they attach to sustainability; “Of course, we carry out all these investments and works within the framework of our sustainability strategy, which forms the basis of our way of doing business. We carry out our sustainability activities all over the world under the umbrella of our sustainability strategy, which we call 'Forever Chocolate' so that chocolate will be in our lives forever. We have guaranteed that the electricity to be used for 2022 will be 100% green energy. For this reason, the electrically sourced carbon footprint of our factory is “0”. With the energy efficiency studies and certifications carried out in the last 2 years, the energy-based carbon emission of the facility has been reduced by 87%.” He also added that they cooperated with the Sustainability Academy to reset the carbon footprint.


Barry Callebaut Group, the world's leading chocolate, and cocoa brand, with a rich innovation and research and development heritage of more than 175 years, has one of the largest and most experienced R&D and innovation teams in the world. Barry Callebaut collaborates with universities, research institutes, laboratories, and scientists around the world and can deliver premium beans and products in industrial volumes. 

 Barry Callebaut Turkey R&D Center is the first and only Barry Callebaut R&D center in Europe and the Middle East, which has a pilot production facility, application laboratory, and sensory analysis laboratory where customer-specific recipes are prepared under the same roof. Located next to Eskişehir production facilities, the Center was planned to be expanded according to future needs and was built in compliance with LEED certification criteria.

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