Energy costs worry UK Millers

21 October 20221 min reading

At a reception following September’s Executive and Members committee meeting, UKFM President Roger Butler highlighted current issues of concern to the industry. 

Chief among them were rising energy costs, and the impact this might have on the cereals chain. 

Energy is a key factor in the availability and cost of fertiliser, he said, also noting the increased cash demands for members and their customers as they face high wheat prices, along with increased energy and other input costs. 

Roger also said there was a good case for government intervention to ensure that insurers and lenders were confident in lending or covering these relatively higher risks. 

The government had stepped in on these topics during the Covid crisis, he added, and there was a good business case to do so again in order to preserve jobs and ensure that viable businesses whether the storm caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

Roger also reminded everyone of the stable demand for food and the critical role played by our industry in delivering what customers need so that families can continue to enjoy the food they love.

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