Export restitution for pasta and biscuits abolished

18 January 20232 min reading

Agricultural Products Export Restitution granted for 16 agricultural products in TRY per ton will be abolished with the new year in accordance with the commitment given to the World Trade Organization.

Agricultural Products Export Restitution, which has been given since 1994 in order to increase the competitiveness and export potential of Türkiye’s agricultural products in international markets, is being abolished.

Agricultural Products Export Restitution given for 16 agricultural products, including pasta and biscuits, in TRY per ton, was abolished as of 31 December 2022. It was stated that the decision was taken in accordance with the commitment given to the World Trade Organization in 2016. Payments made in dollars until 2018 began to be paid in Turkish Liras after this date. According to the Agricultural Products Export Restitution, which did not change and remained the same after it is paid in TRY, 150 TRY per ton is paid for pasta, and only 270 TRY is paid per ton for biscuits, wafers, and cakes. This amount was 20 TRY per ton for olive oil and 270 TRY for food preparations containing chocolate and cocoa.

In addition to pasta and biscuits, other products of which export restitution have been lifted are as follows: Poultry meat, eggs, honey, flowers, vegetables, dried vegetables, fruits, olive oil, processed poultry meat, canned fish, chocolate, frozen fruit and vegetables, jams and fruit-vegetable juices.

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