Food Safety in the World

31 October 20222 min reading

Agricultural production and foods are of strategic importance in order to achieve nourishment as the most basic need of human. Several factors such as the provision of food supply at an adequate level and sharing of the produced food equally are related with food safety and security. World Food Day 2022 celebrations were held under the rallying cry “leave no one behind,” amid a deteriorating global food security crisis and all-time high numbers of people at risk of experiencing serious levels of hunger in Asia and Africa.

The challenges to ending hunger, food insecurity and all forms of malnutrition keep growing. The COVID-19 pandemic has further highlighted the fragilities in our agrifood systems and the inequalities in our societies, driving further increases in world hunger and severe food insecurity. The ongoing war in Ukraine is disrupting supply chains and further affecting prices of grain, fertilizer and energy. In the first half of 2022, this resulted in further food price increases. The most recent evidence available suggests that the number of people unable to afford a healthy diet around the world rose by 112 million to almost 3.1 billion, reflecting the impacts of rising consumer food prices during the pandemic.

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