Food Tech Masters training course by Pavan Group

11 August 20172 min reading

The Pavan Group will offer training of dry pasta processing for plant and production managers, R&D and quality control managers and technical production officers from all over the world.

pavanThe company headquarters in Galliera Veneta (Padova) will host the FoodTechMaster training course, with the aim to share the most advanced techniques applied to food production and to spread knowledge and skills between 9-13 October 2017. Pavan offers to all participants a unique training experience, with both theoretical and practical lessons that will tackle a number of issues exhaustively and in depth. Theoretical lessons, given by speakers and experts from the academic world and by process engineers of the Pavan Group will alternate with moments of practical experience, involving tests in pilot plants as well as organoleptic and sensory evaluation tests: an important integration to the course, allowing students to have hands-on experience of the product and to apply the theoretical knowledge acquired during the lessons.

A LOT OF ACADEMICIANS TEACH The course is organized in cooperation with ICC, the International Association for Cereal Science and Technology; ICC is an independent, internationally recognized organisation of experts specialising in the milling of wheat and other cereals, bread making, and the production of other cereal-based foods from around the world. In more recent times ICC has expanded its focus to address issues that contribute to improved food quality, food safety and food security for the health and well-being of all people. The next course is scheduled in October, 9 to 13. Speakers coming from Universities and research institutes will include Dr. Joel Abecassis (INRA – National institute of agronomic research, unit for cereals technology; former ICC president), Dr. Marina Carcea (CREA, Research Centre for food and nutrition; ICC executive member), Dr. Francesco Carbone (Department of Engineering Modelling of Calabria University), Dr. Donatella Peressini (Department of Food Science of Udine University), Dr. Lutz Popper (Muehlenchemie, Head of R&D).

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