Grammage And Price of Bread Are Regulated Against Wastage

05 December 20172 min reading

With the amendment to the relevant notification by Ministry, the lower limit for bread weight will be lowered to 200 gram while it was 250. The price of one kilo of bread shall not exceed 5 liras.

israf ayari

Cihan Kolivar, Secretary General of Union of Bread Industry Employers, stated that the lower limit in bread production is 250 grams now and it will be lowered. He said, “The lower limit will be 200 grams and shall not be lower than this” grounding the amendment to the notification by Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock in order to avoid wastage. Cihan Kolivar stated that he has met with authorities of Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock and addressed problems bakers in Istanbul face. Kolivar pointed out that the reasons of waste in bread are “cheapness” and “grammage” in a research of the Ministry on the issue. Stating that they are waiting for the enactment of the notification until the newyear, Mr. Kolivar said, “Bread will be sold in 200 grams, 250 grams, 300 grams and 400 grams in the bakeshop. People will buy whichever they want. Thanks to this diversification, especially one or two individual families will buy small bread, thus waste will be decreased.”

BALCI: NO RAISING IN BREAD Halil İbrahim Balcı, Chairman of Turkish Bakers Federation said that this change in grammage of bread will not be a hidden price increase. Stating that especially citizens in metropolitans may buy bread ranging from 200 grams to 400 grams and added: “There is no hidden price increase, absolutely. When we consider the price of bread, we take the price on a kilogram basis. In other words, even if the bread is in 200 grams today, it is not possible for its price in kilogram to increase over 5 TRY. Today, if bread in 250 grams is sold in 1,25 TRY, bread in 200 grams will be sold in 1 TRY.”

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