Haas-Meincke ovens increase their popularity

30 April 20142 min reading
As one of the world’s largest bakery products and snacks technology manufacturers, Haas-Meincke promises high efficiency and energy saving with its bakery solutions. Consumers all over the world are increasingly demanding high quality products at low cost. Depending on the product type, the delicious bakery products produced on the world market today require different methods of heat transfer and moisture addition. With its large range of ovens, comprising convection ovens, directly fired gas ovens, radiation ovens and hybrid ovens, Haas-Meincke can meet the requirements for the most sophisticated baking profiles. BAKING WITH HIGH QUALITY In the written statement, authorities from Haas-Meincke explained the bakery solutions of their company as follows: “Traditionally, the Haas-Meincke ovens have been known for high quality baking. Even and reliable baking of the products is primarily obtained through an extreme precise control of the moisture, the airflows and the heat distribution inside the oven. This precise control also makes our ovens flexible. We can combine different oven types and quickly adjust them according to the customer’s wishes.” 15% ENERGY CONSUMPTION SAVING Stating that Haas-Meincke ovens are well insulated and rank among the best when it comes to efficiency; company authorities adds, “In recent years, we have focused on energy saving efficiency in order to meet the world’s energy issues. As a result, we can offer our customers a 15% reduction of energy consumption with our Heat Recovery Unit for the convection oven.” Mentioning the installation time in the statement; company authorities said “For our customers, short installation times are very important. Every day that goes by without the line running equals lost production time. The Haas-Meincke ovens are pre-manufactured in 2 meter modules to facilitate quick installation. Concretely speaking, this means that installation time is reduced to only a few weeks compared to the normal 1 – 2 months for a complete assembly. Pre-manufacturing of the oven modules also ensures that production on nearby lines can continue during the installation without health issues or discomfort of any kind.” Company authorities summarize the success of Haas-Meincke ovens as following: “Many manufacturers worldwide have seen the benefits of an oven solution from Haas-Meincke. So we have experienced a strong increase in sales of ovens. In the past years, it was more than 50 ovens per year in widths of up to 4.2 m and lengths of up to 120 m.”
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