“Halal” certificate to Simsek products

30 April 20141 min reading
Obtaining a significant success in the Turkish biscuit market with brand Bien, Simsek A.S. got halal food certification. The company obtained the right of using Halal Certificate that is among the priorities of Muslim societies living not only in Turkey, but also in different countries. Obtaining the Halal Certificate of Compliance from Turkish Standards Institute; Simsek A.S. will use the “halal” certificate majorly for croissant, baby biscuits, waffle, ready cakes and biscuits and for its grain products and all of cocoa products. Referring to the importance of Halal Food certification on the food safety, Simsek A.S. General Manager Erol Simsek said: “We are proud to offer our products with halal certificate to our consumers.” Stating that ‘Halal food’, which is handled in accordance with Islamic rules, actually covers the set of features in terms of hygiene and consumer convenience in general; Erol Simsek told: “As Simsek A.S., we have proven that we meet the needs and expectations of our consumers both within the borders and in abroad at the highest level. We will proudly carry the ‘halal’ certificate showing that our products are extraordinary and have compliance with the consumer.
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