John G. Coumantaros inducted into Milling Hall of Fame

04 June 20244 min reading

Chairman of the Board of Flour Mills of Nigeria honoured as nutrition pioneer in Africa. Sustainable and innovative food production secures the staple food supply of a rapidly growing nation

The FlourWorld Museum in Wittenburg, Germany has inducted John G. Coumantaros, Chairman of the Board of Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc (FMN), into the Milling Hall of Fame. The museum, which was founded on the initiative of flour treatment company MC Mühlenchemie, is dedicated to the history of flour and its essential importance for humanity. Induction into this renowned Hall of Fame is the milling industry’s highest award, and recognizes individuals whose life’s work has had a major impact on the industry. The independent jury honoured John G. Coumantaros for the successful implementation of his vision of sustainable and innovative food production.

“Flour.Power.Life, the motto of our museum, underlines how essential flour is as the basis of human nutrition. It contributes to health and prosperity, and enables societies to develop and thrive. These fundamental principles are embodied by John G. Coumantaros, who has redefined food supply in Nigeria,” said museum founder Volkmar Wywiol of the induction of Coumantaros into the Hall of Fame of the milling industry.