Launch of the first packaging equipment from the Premier Tech and Bühler strategic partnership

22 March 20213 min reading

 Since the announcement of their global partnership in bulk packaging in 2019, Swiss Bühler Group and Canadian company Premier Tech are eager to introduce their latest product. With Bühler’s strong footprint and market position in China and Premier Tech’s recognized knowledge in the field of automated packaging technologies, the CHRONOS OML-1060 is the first of many solutions to be developed through this joint venture in creating cost-effective, industrial, flexible packaging solutions.

Bühler Group With the same design and technology utilized in their existing solutions produced in Europe, the new fully automatic OML-1060 packaging solution for the grain, food and feed industries is a more affordable iteration of an existing high-end solution. Manufactured in Premier Tech and Bühler’s joint design and manufacturing center in China, the quality of the solution remains unchanged. The most requested features have been incorporated and requirements of the emerging markets are met, without compromising accuracy or reliability. As the first open-mouth bagger from the Premier Tech- Bühler alliance, the OML-1060 can easily handle free-flowing granular material such as animal feed, pet food, rice, seeds, and plastic pellets. It can handle 20 to 50 kg bags at a speed of up to 600 bags per hour. It is a highly efficient system that has been designed to easily run any type of bag, including non-laminated poly woven that can be problematic to fill due to their irregular properties. It is also compatible with most common bag closing systems. Its small and compact footprint optimizes floorspace and its lean design eases operation and maintenance. Safety being a priority for both Bühler and Premier Tech, this fully enclosed automatic packaging technology requires very limited operator interaction, enabling better working conditions. Johannes Wick “It is amazing to see what can be achieved when two industry leaders join forces. Only eight months after starting our joint venture we are introducing to the world the most competitive fully automated packaging machine for granular products,” says Johannes Wick, CEO of Bühler’s Grains & Food business. Combining over 200 years of industry knowledge, Premier Tech and Bühler are bringing new opportunities to the markets in China, South East Asia, South America, and Africa with the OML-1060, ensuring accurate, safer, and more reliable packaging equipment. André Noreau “What is magical about this partnership for our customers is to benefit from Premier Tech's technological know-how, Bühler's operational know-how, and unparalleled customer support from two organizations with a global footprint,” says André Noreau, CEO of Premier Tech’s Systems and Automation business. The CHRONOS OML-1060 combines the knowledge of two world leaders in their field of expertise - leveraging the processing and packaging experience for the producers of granular food and feed products. It has been developed to meet a common market demand for a flexible, high quality, accurate and yet cost-effective automatic bagging solution. animal feed “Our customers will now have access to the best technologies from Premier Tech and Bühler, two pillars in the industrial world that remarkably complement each other,” says Alexis Michaud, Technical and Product Director, Premier Tech – Bühler.
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