Mondelēz achieves 19% growth at Turkish biscuits market of nearly 3,5 billion liras

19 July 20182 min reading
Global snacks food company Mondelēz International operating in more than 160 countries achieved 19% growth last year in Turkey. Turkish biscuits market with a size of 3,5 billion liras is one of the most important markets for Mondelēz International.Mondelez Mondelēz International Turkey which embodies the brand Kent as well as a number of national and international brands such as Falım, First, Olips, Jelibon, Milka, Oreo, Toblerone etc. is going on its investments in Turkey. Turnover of the company in 2017 was 720 million liras and Mondelēz Turkey was the leader in the market with 51% share at gum and 25% share at confectionary sector, said İhsan Karagöz, the General Manager of Mondelēz International Turkey, during an evaluation meeting. Karagöz added that they achieved double digit growth both at internal and external markets and he shared some figures about the industry and his company: “Total size of Turkish gum, confectionary, chocolate and biscuits sectors is 8 billion Turkish liras. The size of the gum sector has increased 9% according to the previous year and reached to 770 million liras. Confectionary sector has reached to 513 million liras with an increase of 12%. Similarly the size of chocolate sector is 3,5 billion liras and for biscuits sector this figure is 3,5 billion liras, growing 12% and 14% respectively. Mondelēz International has an average growth of 19% at those sectors. We achieved 6% growth at gum and confectionary which we are currently the market leader. Our growth at biscuits sector has reached 20%.”
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