Mondelez launches strategic e-commerce partnership with Alibaba group

21 April 20162 min reading
Mondelēz started an e-commerce partnership with Alibaba Group. Under this strategic partnership, Mondelēz will be able to expand its reach and deepen its penetration in the Chinese market. 17-2 Mondelēz International announced the launch of a strategic e-commerce partnership with Alibaba Group, the largest online and mobile commerce company in the world. The collaboration enables Mondelēz International to further tap into the potential of e-commerce by expanding its reach and deepening its penetration in the Chinese market. Chinese consumers will now be able to purchase a fuller range of Mondelēz International products, through its flagship store on Alibaba’s platform, China’s largest third-party business-to-consumer e-commerce platform for brands and retailers. Mondelēz International will also increase its investment in by launching exclusive products to expand consumer reach and accelerate growth. Under this strategic partnership, the two companies will work closely to further advance Mondelēz International’s business strategy in China by leveraging Alibaba Group’s comprehensive e-commerce ecosystem. Key areas of collaboration include consumer insight, cloud computing, branding and advertising solutions, product innovations and expansion of sales and distribution channels. “This partnership with Alibaba is a significant step toward our goal of generating e-commerce revenues of at least $1 billion by 2020,” said Tim Cofer, Chief Growth Officer, Mondelēz International. “Snacking is a fast-growing sector for the e-commerce market in China and Alibaba is a powerful partner to help us capture our share of that growth by expanding our distribution channels and improving our brands’ accessibility in both rural and urban Chinese markets.”
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