Not play-dough but dough-play!

08 June 20203 min reading
Editor / Mustafa Yağmurlu

We all know varicolored play dough and some of us likely play dough with their children Sometimes we even grab the dough from them to shape the masterpiece of our lives. Now we live in lockdown and many adults started to play with dough. Like experienced bakers; we started to knead the dough to make buns, pastries, bread, and so on. We started to bake our bread because we are so afraid and concerned to be infected by the latest virus called COVID-19. Our ancestors passed down the ancient knowledge to us and modern researchers also confirm this fact: Yes it is a fact that food not only appeases us but also heals our souls. We make and bake the bread which is a physical object for our bodily needs but that is not the whole story. It also heals our psyche and makes us happy. That is why many people rushed to supermarkets before being isolated at their homes during the Covid-19 pandemic throughout the world. They make the shopping basket full of flour, yeast, baking powder, and other ingredients needed to make bread. They were so afraid of being infected and concerned with the uncertainty. Baking bread and pastries have become so popular and to our surprise there were many hidden men and women bakers were living with us. Social networks are invaded by bread, cake, pastry, and bun videos. But as the coronavirus pandemic is more contained, our fears and concerns are also contained and we started to go back to bakeries to buy bread or pitta. The Bethlem Royal Hospital of the United Kingdom used dough kneading and bread baking as a therapy method for mental cases. After this event, one in five patients said that they were happier and this activity made them feel successful. In addition to this, most of the patients were satisfied since they made an effort to make something and they achieved. It was also observed that two in three patients were less distressed. As a result, kneading and baking were proved to be beneficial therapy activities for people with mental problems. This study may help us understand why people have been spending time with kneading and baking when they stay home because of the coronavirus pandemic. It is obvious that a psychological factor is also playing a role. We try to be relieved from fears and concerns. And we just knead dough to be happier.

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