Yaşamsal Organik prefers Storci technology

08 June 20202 min reading

Storci Pasta Machinery, one of the leading pasta production line companies in Italy, established Yaşamsal Organik pasta factory equipped with the latest technology for Bio Tarım İşletmeleri.

Gülseren Yılmaz, Chairwoman of the Board of Yaşamsal Organik, which makes production in Hatipler Village of Gebze, says that although pasta is a filling food, people do not consider it as a maindish and they have repositioned pasta changing the way it is regarded. Explaining that they have some special conditions for pasta production and that is why they preferred Storci, Gülseren Yılmaz said, "Storci helped us in this regard. We chose OMNIA, the best solution for producing penne, spaghetti and lasagna varieties from the same machine. Otherwise, we would have to set up three production lines instead. Thanks to this machine, we can produce three products in one line from the same machine.

Our products are produced in accordance with organic production rules, we know the drill about the whole process from wheat selection to packaging, we do not miss anything. We chose organic production because it is an attractive philosophy based on the conservation and efficiency of the world that aims to feed plants with the biological activity of the earth ecosystem. We want to continue producing gluten-free organic pasta to meet the needs of a growing market, and I'm sure Storci will help us find the best solution”.

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