Ozkoseoglu extending its tunnel furnace range

12 March 20182 min reading

Ozkoseoglu that has an important role in the development of oven industry is extending its tunnel oven product range. The company will introduce its new products in IBATECH and IBA 2018.


Ozkoseoglu, one of the leading Turkish oven machinery manufacturers, is transmitting its experience in industrial installations to its customers with new tunnel oven designs. Having extended its tunnel oven range with ovens with wire and stone base and 1.8 & 2.0m operating widths, Ozkoseoglu stands out as a business partner to its customers capable of meeting their demands for various capacities and specifications. Ozkoseoglu that currently has more than 100 tunnel oven installations in place worldwide manufactures ovens with wire/stone base with operating widths from 1.8m to 3.75m and operating lengths up to 36m. Ozkoseoglu will introduce its new products in IBATECH 2018 and IBA 2018. Stating that they have the highest share and recognition, company authorities say that they are providing their customers a range of solutions including cutting& weighing equipment with 1-4-6 compartments, new conical rolling and long shaping equipment for toast and baguette bread. Stating that they will offer more alternatives in turnkey solutions particularly in relation to turnkey solutions for industrial installations, company authorities said, “Ozkoseoglu is being preferred also for its baking ovens and dough processing equipment. It provides services to bakeries, hotels, chain restaurants, catering companies, chain markets with more than 70 varieties of ovens and equipment including tubular bread ovens, multi-deck ovens with stone base, rotating ovens, modular multi-deck ovens, convection ovens, mini rotating convection ovens, and dough processing equipment.”

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