R&D studies in Bakery, Pasta and Biscuit sectors

10 June 20222 min reading

The global bakery products market, which has exceeded 600 billion dollars and is expected to reach 670 billion dollars the upcoming year, whets the companies' appetite. In particular, the pandemic, the rise in energy prices and the inevitable rise in raw material prices caused by the war between Russia and Ukraine lead manufacturers to develop formulas and methods that reduce costs. Now, we see ovens that allow cooking more products with less electricity consumption and practices that reduce energy costs in flour mills and obtain high quality flour from low quality wheat. Enzymes and machines that make pasta from bread wheat possible in pasta production attract the attention.

The social life, consumption habits and health perception changing and transforming with the pandemic affect all categories including bakery products. The boundaries between a healthy and a delicious product are disappearing. Companies that focus on R&D studies in this field are keeping ahead of the game. The consumer wants to know that there is a healthy ingredient even in the product it consumes for pleasure, or at least to see that product does not contain unhealthful components. While immunity has become the most important health indicator, adding components such as fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals, probiotics and prebiotics to product formulations and choosing the ingredients from natural sources make the product attractive for consumers. 

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