Storci Cooking systems for ready-meals R2E

24 October 20222 min reading

So many interests and a hectic, busy lifestyle mean that there is now less time to spend seated at the table as a convivial moment. What can you offer the market? As an alternative to the classic sandwich, fast and balanced meals, that is a ready-meal by Storci-BS.

Our long experience in pasta-making and ready meals technologies let us provide an exhaustive range of systems for complete, rich, and innovative meals. Semi-automatic or automatic lines from 600 to 5,000 trays/hour, with easy management, first level automation, easy cleaning and maintenance.

You can prepare ready meals based on filled, short and long pasta, meat, rice, fish and vegetables with the R2E (synonym for “ready to eat”) rotary cookers and coolers. They are the core of complete lines that guarantee excellent performance, high flexibility, large production capacities in small spaces and great energy efficiency.

The idea, patented, was born to “cook, rehydrate and heat without waste”. The cooker is equipped with a water cleaning and re-circulation system  that can operate while functioning. The patented system is easy to use and has a great energy efficiency. The three-criterion spiral guarantees a constant cooking time, so the product cannot remain inside the cooking tank beyond the pre-set time, being forced out. A special stainless steel, used for some parts in contact with salt water (AISI 316), prevents from salt damaging. Cleaning at the end of the process: in just a few minutes, the machine lid is raised using electric jacks and the external nets of the barrel are removed, so that the washing phase becomes easy, even employing a high-pressure cleaner. In the cooker, the cooking water is heated by means of heat exchangers with re-circulation pump, valves and piping, all installed on the machine. The heating can be made also employing sanitary vapor injections.

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