The cake she made for her friend’s daughter started her career journey

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“When making a cake, it is important to consider the type of flour being used, as different flours can affect the texture and taste of the final product. Additionally, the quality of ingredients, such as butter, eggs, and sugar, can greatly impact the overall flavor of the cake. It is also crucial to follow the recipe closely, paying attention to measurements and mixing techniques to ensure the cake turns out as desired.”

Shumaila Rai
Cake Artist
Baking Affairs by Shumaila

Shumaila Rai’s journey from hobbyist baker to professional has been adventurous, sweet, and an inspiration to many passionate bakers who are trying their name in the baking industry. Shumaila, born in a small-town of India but always had big dreams and determination. Despite being from small-town, she has always had a drive to be independent and contribute to her family.

Shumaila completed her MBA and dived into the corporate world. However, baking remained close to her heart and provided solace amidst the turmoil of corporate life. It was during her three-year stint in Japan that she found herself captivated by Japanese cuisine and decided to pursue baking as a profession. Her first cake in Japan, made for a friend’s daughter, marked the beginning of her extraordinary journey.

In 2017, after returning from Japan, Shumaila took a leap of faith and founded “Baking Affairs by Shumaila.” From thereon, there was no looking back. The smiles and joy on people’s faces when they see her creations fuel her determination to work harder each day. According to Shumaila, passion is key when it comes to finding one’s purpose in life. The ability to explore and express creatively while bringing joy and smiles to people’s faces makes baking a fulfilling endeavour for her.

Shumaila particularly enjoys working with fondants and creating different textures and patterns in her designs. Through fondant, she creates intricate patterns and textures on her cakes, using techniques like embossing, ruffling, quilling, stencilling, and sculpting. These techniques allow her to elevate her cake designs. Working with fondants adds visual interest and sophistication to creations. Shumaila’s fondant expertise is truly admirable aspect of her successful baking career.

Shumaila’s commitment to family has always been unwavering. When she became a mother, she made the decision to take time off from her baking endeavours to prioritize their care and nurture. This period allowed her to fully immerse herself in the joys of motherhood and create a strong bond with her children.

Now, both of Shumaila’s daughters serve as not only a constant source of inspiration but also as a reminder of the balancing act she performs daily. Juggling the responsibilities of managing her business while catering to the needs of her family requires organization, determination, and flexibility. However, it is this dynamic combination that fuels her drive to succeed.

Shumaila recognizes the importance of leading by example for her daughters. By pursuing her dreams and managing a successful baking business alongside other responsibilities, she demonstrates the power of hard work, dedication, and ambition. She hopes that her story inspires not only her daughters but also other aspiring bakers who strive for a harmonious balance between their personal and professional lives.

During the course of seven years in the baking world, Shumaila has received immense love and recognition. She is grateful for the honours she has received, such as being named “Delhi NCR Top 25 Home Baker” in 2020, a finalist in ICA Rising Star 2023, Showstopper at Cakeology 2023, and recognized as an Enterprising Diva 2023. 

As Shumaila’s career progressed, she decided to share her knowledge with aspiring bakers through hands-on workshops. From teaching basic baking techniques to advanced wedding cake designs, Shumaila actively engages with her students’ journeys into the baking world. Her teaching approach involves “思姻宦律恨恬垢恨” (Yattemiru Wakuru), which means “learn by doing.” This approach sets her apart from others as she becomes personally involved in mentoring aspiring bakers beyond class time. Shumaila believes that continuous learning is essential throughout one’s baking career.

What should be considered when making a cake?

When making a cake, it is important to consider the type of flour being used, as different flours can affect the texture and taste of the final product. Additionally, the quality of ingredients, such as butter, eggs, and sugar, can greatly impact the overall flavor of the cake. It is also crucial to follow the recipe closely, paying attention to measurements and mixing techniques to ensure the cake turns out as desired. Lastly, considering the oven temperature and baking time is essential for achieving a perfectly baked cake. By taking these factors into account, you can create a delicious and well-executed cake.

Season and Cake relation

Believe it or not, certain weather conditions can indeed impact the process of baking your favourite holiday goods. Higher humidity can result in longer bake times and flattened treats, while lower humidity can lead to quicker bakes and drier ingredients. Warmer temperatures can affect the consistency of fats in your recipes, and baking at higher altitudes can alter rising and moisture levels. By adjusting bake times, liquid content, and ingredient storage, you can ensure that your holiday treats turn out perfectly every time.

When choosing the color of a cake, it is important to consider the overall theme or occasion for which the cake is being prepared. The color of the cake should complement the decor or color scheme of the event. Additionally, it is important to take into account the preferences of the person for whom the cake is being made. Some people may have specific color preferences or associations with certain colors. Ultimately, the color of the cake should enhance the presentation and overall appeal of the dessert.

Advice to all bakery producers, new and old, who are in the pastry business

Prioritize quality over quantity. Pastry is all about taste, if customer doesn’t like the taste, then all hard work and research is gone. The success of your products relies heavily on the ingredients you use, so invest in top-notch raw materials to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. Stay innovative and keep up with the latest trends in the industry to stay competitive. And most importantly, always prioritize food safety and hygiene standards to maintain a good reputation in the market. Remember, the key to a successful bakery business lies in the quality of your ingredients and the passion you put into your craft.

Additionally when exporting bakery raw materials to a new country, it is essential for suppliers to thoroughly research and understand the weather condition, market regulations, customs procedures, and consumer preferences of the destination country. It is crucial to ensure that your products meet the necessary quality standards Additionally, staying updated on market trends and being flexible in adapting to the needs of the new market will contribute to a successful export venture.

Cakes that will be trending in the coming period

As the world of baking continues to evolve, new and exciting trends are emerging in the realm of cakes. One prominent trend is the emphasis on healthier options, with bakers incorporating ingredients like alternative flours, natural sweeteners, and plant-based substitutes. Another popular trend is the rise of creative and intricate cake designs, with decorators pushing the boundaries of imagination by crafting stunning edible works of art. Additionally, there is a growing demand for personalized cakes that reflect the unique tastes and interests of individuals, showcasing their personalities and hobbies. Lastly, sustainability is becoming an important consideration in cake-making, with eco-friendly practices such as using organic ingredients and reducing food waste gaining traction. These upcoming trends not only add novelty and excitement to the world of cakes but also cater to evolving consumer preferences for healthier, personalized, and environmentally-conscious options.

Advice to budding Bakers

Shumaila advises budding bakers to develop their own style and signature creations. Baking is not merely about combining ingredients; it is an art form that allows for personal expression. She encourages aspiring bakers to identify their strengths or areas of expertise and further hone their skills in those areas. Each individual has unique talents that set them apart from others while creating a memorable experience for customers.

Hard work is another crucial aspect stressed by Shumaila on the path to building a successful career in baking. There are no shortcuts or easy paths to success; dedication, perseverance, and practice are essential ingredients for growth and accomplishment. Challenges will inevitably arise – from recipe mishaps to intense competition – but facing setbacks should be viewed as opportunities for growth rather than reasons for giving up. With each obstacle overcome, aspiring bakers become more resilient.

Success requires three P’s: Passionate dedication towards one’s craft; Perseverance even when faced with obstacles; Practice to refine skills continuously – regardless of which line of work one chooses.

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