Three Turkish exporter awards to Beşler Group

04 October 20191 min reading

Beşler Group, one of the prominent groups in Gaziantep and its surrounding, continues to produce for Turkey. Turkey Exporters’ Assembly (TIM) gave Beşler Flour, Beşler Pasta, and Beşyem – part of Beşler Group- the exporter record holder award. At the Award Ceremony of Stars of Export that was organized by the Southeast Anatolian Exporter Association (GAIB) and TIM to award the top 100 exporter companies in 2018, Beşler Group gained three awards. At the ceremony, Beşler Flour, Beşler Pasta, and Beşyem that are part of Beşler Group were awarded. Sabriye Çakmak for Beşler Pasta, Abdullah Çakmak for Beşler Flour, and Remzi Çakmak for Beşyem received awards. Beşler Group continues to be the pride of Gaziantep at production and export.

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