TMO's cheap flour practice will continue until 2023 harvest

06 July 20222 min reading

TMO General Manager Ahmet Güldal stated that the flour regulation implemented to curb the increase in bread prices will continue until the 2022-2023 harvest period.

Ahmet Güldal, General Manager of Turkish Grain Board (TMO), made important statements regarding the flour regulation that put a brake on bread prices. After the flour regulation was finally extended on June 1, Güldal made a statement on how the process would continue and said: "It was declared that the application that began last year will continue until the new harvest period. At the end of May, that is, when we come to the new harvest period, it is at the point of minimizing flour prices. By providing flour to bread producers at a cheaper price by 35-40 percent in the market, the increase in flour-based bread prices was minimized. In this period when the fight against inflation is intense, it is planned that this process will be prolonged by TMO and the regulation program will continue until the next harvest period. This regulation will continue until the 2022-2023 harvest period." 

"TMO wants to buy as much of the crop our producers produced as possible and enhance our stocks internally. Within the scope of its regulation programs, TMO needs to enhance a stock from September until the next harvest period, which we call the 2022-2023 consumption period. The reason for forming these advantages is to enhance stocks from the domestic market. Last year, we made regulations to keep the amount of the product produced in small quantities to the extend needed in Turkey. This year, Turkey is experiencing a period of almost self-sufficient crop production. This year differs from the previous year in this aspect," TMO President Ahmet Güldal concluded.

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