Turkish Baker Competes For World Championship

05 December 20174 min reading

A Turkish baker will represent Turkey for the first time in Bakery Masters, one of the most prestigious contests in the world in its category. Lesaffre Turquie, the main sponsor of the contest, has given information about the contest process by introducing contestant Osman Gündüz.

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Turkish Bakers National Team member Osman Gündüz who has proved he is among the best ones in his field is preparing to represent Turkey as the first Turkish baker in Bakery Masters, one of the most prestigious champions in the world. Mr. Gündüz who will compete at the “Nutritious Bread Making” category at the championship to be organized in Paris’ Europain Show between February 3rd and 6th 2018 has said that he wants to introduce the Turkish bakers to the world.

Alain Dieval, General Manager of Lesaffre Turquie, said that besides the production of yeast and baking ingredients, Lesaffre’s main fields of business, they have made great contributions to the development of the industry and put forward innovative products. “We have worked together both with Osman Gündüz and Turkish Bakers National Team before. We believe that Osman Gündüz who we will sponsor and all other bakers at the Turkish Bakers National Team taking part in the competition have improved their understanding of the sector and new products and are now better in a professional aspect. As Lesaffre Turquie, we are honored and excited to support Osman Gündüz,” Dieval added.

HE IS TAKING LESSONS FROM THE CHAMPION Turkish baker Osman Gündüz who has been taking lessons from François Brandt, the world champion in the Artistic Piece category at Bakery Masters 2010 and who has been trained by coach Ayten Çalışkan has expressed that he will overcome this challenging –yet honoring- process through the support given by Lesaffre Turquie, he will do his utmost in Paris and introduce the Turkish bakers to the world. Gündüz has pointed out: “I have got very excited to learn that I have been selected to the Bakery Masters, which will be held in Paris in 2018, where the world’s best bakers will compete individually because this is the first time that they were inviting a Turkish baker to the competition. Now, I aim to do my best to outperform other 5 contestants and introduce the Turkish bakers to the world.”

30 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE Osman Gündüz, who gave an exclusive interview to BBM Magazine, said that about 30 years ago, when he was 14 years old, he came to Istanbul from Kastamonu to work as an apprentice and mastered his profession in a short time. Stating that he is working hard for the contest in Paris, Güzdüz has added: “Metaphorically, this may be likened a bread-and-butter fight, but there is no violence in this fight. All the bakers who will compete in Bakery Masters have already achieved great success with their national teams and have proven themselves. Therefore, we will witness a challenging and competitive contest, yet enjoyable as well in Paris. I work day and night to represent my country in the best way possible. We are working very hard for the final, hopefully our efforts will pay off”.

Expressing that taking part in the Bakery Masters and being the first and only Turkish who is qualified to compete there is a great success in itself, Osman Gündüz has said: “Even though I may not win a degree in the contest, the trainings I have taken in this process, the new techniques I have learned, and the products I have seen have made great contributions to my professional life, which will help me do my job better. If I had not participated in this competition, I would never have the chance to see and taste the bread of other countries.” WE HAVE TO ADOPT A PROGRESSIVE UNDERSTANDING Pointing out that the biggest problem of the bakery sector in Turkey is the limited opportunities regarding the professional trainings, Gündüz has expressed: “We regard this profession as a job handed over from father to their sons and thus, don’t ponder on what else we can contribute to this profession. In fact, we have to research more, to listen to the customer and try new recipes and new methods in order to carry the baking profession into the future. Thus, this profession will develop and can be passed on to future generations. I see the profession of baking as an art and I hope all my colleagues will start to see it like this someday. I love two things about baking. The first one is to make the most consumed food. The second one is to get positive feedback from people experiencing different tastes I exclusively prepare for them.” He stated that the most difficult part of his profession is to work when it is too hot in the summer.

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