We are about to enter a much better harvest period than last year

10 June 20222 min reading

TMO's Chairman Ahmet Güldal, who participated in the "1st IAOM Eurasia Congress and Exhibition" held by the International Association of Operative Millers (IAOM) in Istanbul, said, "We are about to enter a much better harvest period compared to last year."

Turkish Grain Board (TMO) Chairman and General Manager Ahmet Güldal said that they have been managing a challenging process in recent years due to the pandemic and drought, and that the significance of food supply and safety has got into focus. Güldal stated that the Russia-Ukraine war added insult to injury.

“Efforts are being made to seek and find solutions to turn the negative global process into a positive one. Decisions taken on other commercial measures, especially the war, are being reconsidered, and it is requested that this process and the problem be eliminated as soon as possible. As TMO, we managed this process together with our industrialists. Although prices have risen globally and we have experienced negative periods, we have not had a supply problem in our country. We have not had any problems with security of supply either," Güldal said.

Reminding it is the beginning of the 2022 harvest period, Güldal said, “Compared to previous years and the last year, we are about to enter a much better harvest period. We are aware of this. Even if the effects of drought are severe in some countries and the production is high in some others and there is a decrease in transferred inventories in the world, these periods will end, as in similar crises in the past years."

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