We are expanding globally from the fertile lands of Mesopotamia

21 March 20248 min reading

“We process the wheat that grows from our fertile lands in this modern facility. At the heart of our factory, adorned with the essence of Mesopotamia, we carefully process each grain of wheat, each telling its own story, and bring it to the tables of our people. Our family-owned factory, equipped with modern technology, has a daily production capacity of 400 tons.”

Fethi Günak, the Chairman of
the Board of Ak Fırat Flour

The flour industry has been leading the way in the global flour markets for the past decade, achieving one success after another. Iraq and Syria stand out as significant export markets, attracting the attention of many flour manufacturers as their primary export destinations. Among these companies is Ak Fırat Flour Company, headquartered in Şanlıurfa, Turkey. Fethi Günak, the Chairman of the Board of Ak Fırat Flour, shared with BBM Magazine the story of the company’s journey from Şanlıurfa, the birthplace of wheat, to the world stage. He emphasized the company’s commitment to innovation, highlighting their dedication to incorporating technological advancements into their production processes. Günak expressed the company’s ambition to become one of the prominent brands in the region and Turkey, stemming from their roots in the fertile lands of Mesopotamia.

Below you can find the responses provided by Fethi Günak, Chairman of Ak Fırat Flour, to our questions:

Hello Mr. Günak, could you tell us about the founding story and activities of Ak Fırat Flour?

Ak Fırat Flour Factory is the result of a story dating back to 1992. Our journey, which began with baking in the heart of Şanlıurfa province in those years, has grown over time and transformed into a large factory and group of companies today. Since our inception, we have reached a significant potential for flour sales in the early 2000s.

In 2012, we laid the foundations of Ak Fırat Flour Factory to turn our dreams into reality, and in 2014, we crowned this dream by completing our factory. Currently, we serve with a modern facility boasting a daily capacity of 400 tons and a fleet of 20 vehicles.

In this tale of success, there are traces of years of dedication and hard work. Ak Fırat Flour is not just a flour producer, but also a symbol of passion and perseverance. Since the day we embarked on this journey, we have never wavered from our principles of quality and reliability. Today, we hold a significant position in the industry, firmly rooted in these values. In the future, we will continue to grow and further our achievements with the same determination.

You’re processing wheat grown in the fertile lands of Mesopotamia. Could you share with us what these lands mean to you?

The wheat born from the fertile Mesopotamian soil is akin to a treasure concealed within the depths of those lands. With their beauty, richness, and fertility, these lands bestow numerous advantages. This exceptional variety of wheat nurtured in the embrace of nature presents us with a rich spectrum of flavors. The abundance offered by the soil gives rise to this vibrant journey concealed within each grain of wheat.

In these soil-rich lands, each ear of wheat carries the imprints of the past and the aspirations of the future. As we process the wheat grown in this region, we’re not merely handling a product; we’re crafting a part of a legend. The enchanting lands of Mesopotamia serve as the wellspring of inspiration for the narrative unfolding in each of our hands.


Could you provide information about your production capacity and markets? Which regions are your primary markets?

We process the wheat that grows from our fertile lands in this modern facility. At the heart of our factory, adorned with the essence of Mesopotamia, we carefully process each grain of wheat, each telling its own story, and bring it to the tables of our people. Our family-owned factory, equipped with modern technology, has a daily production capacity of 400 tons. 

We operate in a region that makes a significant impact on our markets. Our production, thriving in the warm soils of Southeastern Anatolia and the Mediterranean, experiences high demand in these fertile areas. However, our reach extends beyond Turkey; we also play an active role in exports. We export our products to Iraq and Syria, countries with which we share a sense of kinship in these lands. This reflects our mission to establish not just trade but also a bridge of culture and flavor.

You operate in a sector closely related to human health, so the technology you utilize is of paramount importance. Could you provide some information about your technology?

Our factory is outfitted with state-of-the-art technology, enabling us to produce with the utmost precision. Our wheat is processed with the care and attention akin to an artistic masterpiece, utilizing the most advanced technologies available without human intervention. For us, prioritizing healthy and high-quality production isn’t merely a preference; it’s a way of life.

Every product we deliver is a testament to our dedication to human health, from carefully selected raw materials to production processes guided by the principles of science. Our factory carries a responsibility not only for the health of our products but also for the health of future generations.

We operate a fully-equipped laboratory where we not only assess the quality of our production but also evaluate its impact on human health. Being approved by the Turkish Standards Institution (TSI) and holding all necessary certifications, quality represents more than just meeting standards for us—it’s a commitment. With a steadfast dedication to preserving human health, we merge science and technology to leave behind a healthy legacy for future generations.

Does your company have any additional investment plans? 

As a company, we are thrilled to be advancing our investments into the future with confidence. Our ongoing warehouse construction efforts are not merely about building a warehouse; they represent the establishment of a solid guarantee for the future.

With an innovative and visionary outlook, we are actively pursuing our goal of establishing a feed factory in the upcoming period. This not only signifies the expansion of our business but also forms a crucial part of our mission to enhance our presence in the industry and extend the reach of our quality products to a broader audience.

Every step we take to shape the future is not just an investment but also a commitment. With a deep awareness of our responsibilities towards our customers, employees, and society, we strive to build a resilient and sustainable future.


You currently offer all-purpose, pita, and tandoori flour varieties. What surprises can we expect from you in the future?

We are continuously engaged in new product development. We perceive our flour products not only as food items but also as works of art. Hence, we are consistently making efforts towards diversity and quality.

Drawing inspiration from the fertile lands of Mesopotamia, we offer our customers a variety of multi-purpose, pita, and tandoori flour options at our facility. However, we don’t stop there; we also continuously develop our dessert flour varieties. Crowned with Göbeklitepe Yellow, we produce a wide range of products, spanning from traditional ring desserts to luxurious kadayıf, from pastries to phyllo pastry.

We are also thrilled to share a surprise with you. Very soon, we will be tantalizing taste buds with luxurious dessert flours produced in our facility. This will be more than just flour; it will be a culinary delight. In each of our products, we aim to capture the perfect balance of authenticity and flavor. This is not merely a product but a gastronomic adventure.

Are you considering investments in the region beyond flour?

Yes, we are pursuing a grand vision to maximize the potential of the region, not only focusing on flour. While contributing to the livestock sector with a modern fattening farm in Şanlıurfa, we are changing the landscape of the region with our housing projects in the construction sector. Additionally, with our citrus orchard and olive farming projects in Çukurova, we not only cater to tastes but also interact with nature.

However, this is just the beginning. Our investments aim not only to facilitate trade but also to enhance the economic and social structure of the region. The large-scale feed factory project we have planned in Çukurova signifies a commitment not only to feed production but also to constructing a sustainable future by supporting regional animal husbandry. Beyond merely being a business, we operate with a consciousness of our responsibility to our society and environment.

We see that you have young people in your management. How do you keep up with the changes in the industry?

Yes, we always prioritize young people in our management, creating an energetic work environment. The dynamism and innovative perspective of the region’s youth propel our company toward a more efficient and sustainable path to success. The enthusiasm of our young colleagues serves as a catalyst in adapting to industry changes and leveraging the benefits of technology.

Together with our young and dynamic team, we not only keep track of the changes in the industry but also take on a pioneering role. By closely monitoring advancements in artificial intelligence and digital transformation, we uphold a culture of continuous learning and development. This is not merely a job but a part of our vision to be the leaders of the future and the source of innovation.

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