$1.2-trillion snacks industry grows rapidly during COVID-19

09 February 20215 min reading

Dirk Van de Put Mondelez CEO

Mondelēz International published a snacking report describing the growth of snack consumption. According to the report, snacks are considered as an opportunity of comfort, connection and building community in the quarantine processes that come with the COVID-19 outbreak. The company aims to increase its share in the snacks industry, with a total value of 1.2 trillion dollars.

Mondelēz International, which encourages people in more than 150 countries around the world to eat the right snack, in the right way and the right moment, published the second of its annual Snacking Report, a global consumer trends study that examines the role of snacks in the lives of consumers around the world. This year's report reveals data on changing consumer behaviors throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, including eating habits, shopping trends, and the increasing importance of conscious consumption of snacks.

Developed in partnership with the consumer survey expert The Harris Poll, the Snacking Report confirms and complements Mondelēz International's proprietary, global snacking insights with exclusive research conducted with the participation of thousands of consumers in 12 countries to better understand the role of snacking in people's lives. The report strengthens the information-based strategy of the company to increase its share in the snacks industry worth $ 1.2 trillion as it pioneers the future of snacks by offering the right snacks at the right time, in the right way.

Mondelēz International Chairman and CEO Dirk Van de Put commented on the report as follows: The findings in our Snacking Report illustrate the important role snacks play in the lives of consumers around the world. It also underlines the increasing importance of snacking and the peaceful moments it provides during 2020, when individuals and families stay at home due to the pandemic and try to cope with the difficulties brought by the outbreak. We pride ourselves on the role we play in the lives of consumers around the world, by providing sources of comfort, connection and community that are hard to find in a year when we had to keep distance between us, while supporting people’s consumption of the right snacks.


The 2020 Snacking Report highlights the rising consumption of snacks worldwide and how food-related behavior, emotions and routines are being reshaped by COVID-19.

While nearly 9 out of every 10 adults in the world stated that they consumed snacks more (46 percent) or the same (42 percent) during the pandemic than before; while 70 percent of millennials and 67 percent of those who are working from home were more likely to prefer snacks over meals.

Snacking is highlighted as an antidote for loneliness and an avenue for connection, as 3 in 4 global adults have made a connection with others via food in the last 6 months, including making a snack together, giving a snack as a gift, or grocery shopping for someone who could not go themselves.


Snacking at home is providing consumers with more opportunities for mindful snacking, with 66 percent of respondents noting they now have more control over their portion sizes and that 64 percent saying that they are now more aware of the snacks their bodies need. A total of 64 percent of respondents tell that snacks are also nourishing their “body, mind and soul during these strange times,” with immunity-boosting snacks particularly top of mind with 56 percent, while 65 percent of respondents noted that snacking has provided them “much needed moments” to themselves.


Among the respondents, 65 percent believe the current pandemic will have a long-term impact on how we consume snacks as a society.

Sixty-four percent of adults worldwide say they plan to continue eating small snacks throughout the day, as opposed to fewer large meals.

Six in 10 shared that snacking will be part of their “new normal” even after the pandemic is over.


Comfort was the number one driver of snacking this year. More than half of global adults were buying nostalgic snack brands from their childhood and snacks that bring back good memories during the pandemic.

Two-thirds of respondents say snack time is one of the few moments of peace and bright spots in their day.

Snacking also offers bite-sized moments of satisfaction and peace, with a majority of respondents noting that it has helped distract them from the challenges of this year.

Sixty-six percent noted that “Snacking is one of the few sources of reward and satisfaction in my day,” while 65 percent believe that snacking has given them much needed moments to themselves.


Half of global adults say they have started to buy snacks online more often than they do in-store or offline, while 7 in 10 planning to continue shopping for snacks online once the pandemic is over.

“The results of our Snacking survey not only underscore the value snacking brings to families and individuals, but help us to even better understand the evolving needs of our consumers worldwide so that we can continue to adapt and offer them the snacks they want, where, when and how they want them,” said Van de Put.

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