Al-Hazaa performs extraordinarily while world experiences crisis during Corona period

09 February 20216 min reading

Jamal Al-Hazaa Chief Executive Officer / Al-Hazaa Investment Group CEO

Despite the great challenges that the world and world’s economy has gone through due to the Corona crisis, the performance of Al-Hazaa Investment group was outstanding, the Group has proven itself as usual as a strong player in the world’s economy and reflected its quick adaptability to the difficult, changing circumstances during the past months. The group had also a positive role in the countries that it operates in to supply their markets with enough food supplies and necessary consumer commodities.

Al-Hazaa Investment Group is a family business that was established in 1942, when the founder, Sharif Al-Hazaa established the first flour mill in his hometown in Tikrit, Iraq. The group’s history in the field of food production exceeds 70 years, more than 2,900 employees belong to Al-Hazaa Team and the group has sales in 20 international markets.

The expansion projects of the group have taken place when the current chairman, Mr. Jamal Al-Hazaa took over the group’s management; he established Al-Rafidain mill in Iraq, that is still operating until today and produces flour under Al-Jamal brand, which became today one of the very well-known flour brands in the region. The group has ever since evolved and expanded its business to become now one of the strongest investment groups in the region that is active in 4 countries in the Middle East, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, and UAE in food, feed, plastic, and energy industries. CEO, Jamal Al-Hazaa started his plans to transform Al-Hazaa from a small family business into a strong player and an investment group not only in Iraq but also in the region.

After building and consolidating the group's basis in Iraq, various investment projects were launched outside Iraq, starting from Jordan, the closest neighboring country, in which Al-Hazaa Group acquired in 1997 one of the largest mills in Jordan, South Amman Flour Mills, which became later on the largest flour mill in Jordan. In addition to that, Al-Hazaa Group owns three other flour mills in Jordan, which enabled Al-Hazaa Group to have the largest market share of flour sales in the country and to become the market leader in the milling industry in Jordan. Al-Hazaa also owns several flour mills in Egypt, and UAE. While in Iraq, Al-Hazaa Group operates 3 Flour mills, Grain Silos, and a Pasta factory. Most of the projects that Al-Hazaa undertook were greenfield projects that the group planned and established from scratch and carried them to success until they achieved enormous sales and large market share in the countries' markets. By the end of 2021 Al-Hazaa Group’s wheat milling capacity will be 2100 tons/day in Jordan; 2000 tons/day in Egypt; 850 tons/day in Iraq; and 600 tons/day in UAE which equals to the total of 5550 tons/day of wheat milling capacity for the group.

In Jordan alone, Al-Hazaa Group has the largest capacity of grain storage in the private sector, the biggest short and long pasta production factory, the first and only instant noodles factory in Jordan, an animal feed plant with high-technology, including the only Feed Flaking line in the region, the first and only maize mill in Jordan and the biggest plastic bags factory with a capacity of 150 million bags/year. In addition to the group’s solar power plant in Jordan that supplies all the group’s projects in Jordan with green solar energy produced by Al-Hazaa Company for Renewable Energy that is the biggest private-use solar power plant in Jordan, making all Al-Hazaa group’s activities and investments in the country 100% sustainable and eco-friendly. The power plant has a production capacity of 21 MWatts/day.

One of the latest projects of Al-Hazaa group is building a Bakery Development Center in Daba’a, Jordan in collaboration with MIWE, the center will support the group’s activities in the field of flour and bakery ingredients production, especially to innovate and develop products according to the needs of customers and to their satisfaction. The bakery center will also receive support from the mills’ laboratory concerning baking and rheological analysis.

Today we find that Al-Hazaa Investment Group has made a long journey since its establishment in 1942, achieving gradual progress through this journey. The Chairman is fully aware that in order to carry on this success and to expand it further, the group should continue providing high-quality products and services, as he said:

"We always strive to develop and we care about using innovative methods and advanced solutions that will contribute to the development of the industrial field, through following up with the new technologies and advancements of this field.

Our remarkable ability to achieve accomplishments stems from our strategy and our interest in achieving production efficiency, and from our ambitions to become one of the best performing companies in the Middle East because we strongly believe that our strategy will ensure achieving this position and will lead us to open new markets in the region and the world. Our success is based on the absolute commitment of our employees, who are our most valuable asset and who constitute the greatest value for us.

Al-Hazaa Investment Group seeks today to expand its activities to be an integrated industrial network, and from this point of view we have taken positive steps to expand the group's activity to include several interconnected sectors to serve the final product and reach quality and competitiveness at several local and international levels. We have great plans that have been put in place to achieve further continuous development of the group during the coming years, thanks to the administrative and technical cadres that the group is proud of and the members of the group who are qualified and dedicated to the performance of their work, in addition to the large supplies of necessary equipment to carry out the work at its best and our strong determination to reach a prominent position in the sectors in which we operate out."

He added: "The food industry is going through a large and very profound transformation, going toward healthier and more natural ingredients. And to lead this transformation, producers must take into consideration sustainability, health, and better nutrition when developing new products. Our group has taken many steps in this direction and that’s by fortifying flour with micronutrients like vitamin D, Iron, and Folic acid and also producing more gluten-free products and this is just the beginning towards offering a wider range of healthier products".

Thanks to the group’s R&D team, Al-Hazaa Group continued, despite the pandemic, developing and expanding its facilities, installing new production lines, and adapting and responding to the increasing demands for its products. The group’s quality control team did a great job to ensure the safety of products and plan food safety strategies to continuously supply products and cover the huge demand during this crisis.

During the pandemic, the group’s focus was on factories and products hygiene, product tracking, maintaining the safety of workers, and ensuring the availability of enough quantities of raw materials. Al-Hazaa Group is very proud of its great role in enhancing food security in the countries that it operates in and this role has been highlighted more during the current pandemic.

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