Romania Gastropan Fair counts the days to bring the business world together

03 September 20213 min reading

The greatest international exhibition for the bakery, pastry, confectionery, gastronomy, ice-cream, coffee and hospitality sectors in Southeastern Europe will take place in the city of Arad, Romania, between 21-23th September 2021.

For 12 years GastroPan has been the place where the essence of professional technologies and business solutions gather. Despite the effects generated by the coronavirus pandemic, the organizers of GastroPan will continue to do everything possible for the event to remain the main source of inspiration for those who want to start, develop or relaunch a business in the bakery, confectionery and HoReCa sector. Organized in compliance with the strictest safety regulations in the context of the pandemic, the exhibition will focus on innovative business solutions that can contribute not only to getting the business out of the crisis, but also to increasing the competitiveness and quality of products and services in the field.

GastroPan will bring solutions for post-pandemic recovery

The next edition of GastroPan exhibition will aim to offer new perspectives and solutions for the future and for the relaunch of the bakery, pastry, confectionery and HoReCa businesses. Everybody, but also the business environment is gradually adapting to the “new normal”, after the economic crisis generated by Covid-19 pandemic settled. It is a crisis that has profoundly affected almost all fields of activity targeted by GastroPan. However, as alarming as the situation is, this phase is also an opportunity to shape the future of the business. And now is perhaps the best time to invest in new business ideas and solutions that serve the new demands of new types of consumers.

Experience in safety the solutions on display at GastroPan

GastroPan exhibition awaits all its participants with open doors, without too complicated procedures at the entrance! The organizers are ready to adopt all the recommendations of the authorities and all the safety measures that will be required to ensure the safety of all GastroPan participants. Placing disinfection stations, monitoring, limiting and filtering visitors’ access are measures that will be strictly implemented.

The GastroPan Competitions will be organized within the exhibition where the "Cake of the Year 2021" and "Bread of the Year 2021" prizes will be awarded. GastroPan Competitions are grouped into 3 sections: the first day, September 21 is dedicated to the CONFECTIONERY section, on the second day, September 22, will be the competitions of the BAKERY-PASTRY section, and on the third day, September 23, will take place the GASTRONOMY section.

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