12 Halls, one meeting place for the baking industry: Changes to the floor allocation for iba 2021

02 July 20203 min reading

iba, the world´s leading trade fair for the baking and confectionery industry, will open the gates to the world-renowned meeting of the baking industry at Fairground Munich from 24 to 28 October 2021. Due to changes in the Fairground Munich portfolio, the 2021 hall layout at the trade fairgrounds will change. The content of the trade fair and the added value of the new hall concept for both exhibitors and visitors remain unchanged.

The hall layout plan communicated in February 2020 had to be changed due to shifts in the event portfolio of the site operator. The background to this is that Fairground Munich will be hosting the IAA Motor Show for the first time in September 2021, which will result in the postponement of other event dates as well: drinktec, the world's leading trade fair for the beverage and liquid food industry, will take place at Fairground Munich three weeks later than planned and therefore just before iba. For iba, this means a new floor allocation, but with the same quality of trade fair services – and with a better layout and shorter routes for everyone involved.

The new iba 2021 halls

Halls A3 to A6, B3 to B6 and C3 to C6 will accommodate the world´s leading trade fair for the baking and confectionery industry. As in previous years, iba presents the complete range and innovations from the entire baking industry in a total of twelve halls. Innovations in production technology can be found in Halls A3, A4, A5, B4, B5 and B6 specifically; packaging technology are displayed in Hall A6. Artisan bakeries are presented in Halls B3 and C3. Neighbouring Halls B4 and C4 constitute the platform for raw materials and ingredients. Within this arrangement, the range of products is guaranteed to remain diverse, and the basic structure of the halls in terms of content similar.

Cathleen Kabashi, Exhibition director iba, has this to say about the situation: “At the moment, the trade fair world is experiencing a significant upheaval. Therefore we appreciate all the more being able to launch iba 2021 as a constant in the global industry, not only at a proven site but also at the planned time. The vindication of the iba date point to our position at Fairground Munich, especially in times where event dates require a lot of flexibility. In addition to all iba-specific topics, we are naturally also keeping current developments in general Corona-related regulations for trade fairs in view at all times and will adjust our planning in line with the situation. The Fairground Munich offers the best conditions for designing the perfect trade fair platform, even under the recently amended framework.”

Two entrances, a direct underground connection and parking facilities in the immediate vicinity of the entrances provide very convenient access to iba 2021. With the new segmentation of the range of trade fair products, aimed at specific target groups, visitors can find the right products and service providers quickly and easily. While the production and packaging technology department can be found in the immediate vicinity of Entrance East, the artisan bakeries, raw materials and baking ingredients sectors can be reached via the Entrance North. This ensures easier navigation and shorter routes for everyone involved in the trade fair. “Thanks to the optimal local infrastructure and keeping in mind the prevailing regulations at the time, iba will be a safe platform for networking and doing business for all sectors of the baking industry,” Cathleen Kabashi concludes.

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