150 million dollars of export contacts established in IDMA

03 April 20194 min reading

The exhibitor companies in IDMA Exhibition which is organized in the recession of the Turkish economy hit the spot. The exhibition, which lasted 4 days, mediated the establishment of more than $ 150 million in exports.

tmo-müdürü00002International Flour, Feed, Semolina, Rice, Corn, Bulgur, Milling Machines and Pulses, Pasta, Biscuit Technologies Exhibition IDMA, which opened its doors for the eighth time on 20-23 March 2019 in Istanbul Expo Center, sweetened the sector up. Zübeyde Kavraz, Chairwoman of Parantez Fair, organizer of IDMA stated that the newest technologies from feed, wheat and flour technologies were exhibited in IDMA and more than 200 countries from 26 countries participated and 7 thousand 500 hundred people across 105 countries visited the exhibition. Zübeyde Kavraz stated that they have mediated the establishment of millions of dollars of business connection in favor of the Turkish economy with the fairs they have organized so far. “Our fair was instrumental in the establishment of many business contacts. Investors coming from countries such as Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Germany, Algeria, Senegal, Oman, Serbia, Tunisia, Spain, France, Mauritania, Madagascar, Zambia, Tanzania and Mali have signed more than 100 agreements and preliminary agreements for turn-key flour, feed, pulses and warehouse projects. Romania team signed an agreement with Turkish companies for the establishment of three turnkey factories. Qatari companies shook hands with Turkish companies to build feed plants,” she said. TİM-başkanı012seqn FULL SUPPORT FROM THE ECONOMY ADMINISTRATION Zübeyde Kavraz stated that the fair was the biggest organization bringing the world milling industry together under one roof and said “Despite the economic shrinkage, IDMA pleased both the participant and the visitors this year and our fair was very successful. Around 7,000 visitors came to the exhibition in 2017. This year, larger participation was achieved. We managed to bring more than 2 thousand 200 foreign visitors to our country. Domestic and foreign companies participating in the fair established numerous business connections. 150 million dollar export agreements were signed only during the fair. Thanks to the links established at the fair, I hope that there will be a further $ 350-400 million business connection.” Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM) Chairman Ismail Gülle visited the IDMA Exhibition which contributes immensely to the country’s economy and the booths of the exhibitor companies. İsmail Gülle closely interested in exporting companies thanked the organizers of IDMA on behalf of the company owners who expressed their gratitude for the intense participation from abroad. Pointing out that he came across with many different investor profiles, Gülle noted that exports are an indispensable instrument for the country. Gülle, who said he was so pleased with the business connections established by the companies at the fair, was accompanied by Erhan Özmen, Chairman of the Southeastern Anatolian Flour Industrialists’ Association (GUSAD) and Zübeyde Kavraz, Chairwoman of the Parantez Group. Ahmet Güldal, Chairman and General Manager of the Turkish Grain Board (TMO) also visited the exhibition and wished success to the participating companies.  TİM-başkanı023seqn MILL TRUCK SHOWED OFF AT IDMA Mobil-DegirmenThe Mill Truck, which was produced in consequence of the extended R&D activities of Turkish and German companies, Intermilling-Kastenmüller and displayed for the first time at IDMA Exhibition, was in the limelight of the exhibition. Mill Truck, which attracted great interest from visitors, was sold to Africa on the first day of the exhibition. The companies received 3 orders for the Mill Truck which was mounted on a truck trailer and has a daily capacity of 24 tons. The Mill Truck can easily be transported to a disaster area and can start production immediately. Thus, it can help avoid any food shortages during disasters. Representatives of the company were very satisfied with such a great interest and said that they will participate in the exhibition with a larger broader booth next time. giris064    
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