24 million dollars investment for the factory in Turkey

23 February 20152 min reading

Mondelēz International invests 24 million dollars for its factory in Turkey. The investment will help confectionery business of Mondelēz International increase. Along with this investment, the production 


Leading chocolate, biscuit, gum and confectionery company Mondelēz International will invest 24 million dollars for its factory in Gebze in order to increase its production capacity. The investment will help the company’s global confectionery business grow.capacity of the factory in Gebze will increase 20 percent.

The production of beloved local brands like First, Falım, Şıpsevdi, Kent, Olips, Missbon, jelibon, Tofita and Topitop and a global brand, Milka in gum, confectionery and chocolate category is realized in Gebze factory. With the new investment, a new production line will be added to the factory from production to packaging so that the production capacity of the factory will increase 20 percent. The new production line will be operational at the end of 2015.

Antonie Colette, Mondelēz Managing Director of Turkey: “Production is made in Gebze factory for nearly 50 countries. The new investment will have a significant role in helping the global confectionery business of Mondelēz International grow. This investment in Turkey is also a part of the plan to reorganize the ongoing supply chain. Thanks to the global investments like this, we meet the increasing demand, reduce the costs and increase the efficiency.”

Mondelēz International’s plan to reorganize the global supply chain is expected to provide 3 billion dollars saving for gross efficiency, 1.5 billion dollars net saving and 1 million dollars additional cash in 3 years. With mentioned savings, significant recovery for the company’s operating revenue is expected in short term.

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