A fresh breath in warehousing: Beşler Lidaş established

09 January 20242 min reading

Beşler Group, known for its investments in flour, pasta, feed, and energy sectors, continues to grow with its latest venture. Beşler Grup's licensed warehousing investment, equipped with state-of-the-art and modern storage systems with a capacity of 95,000 tons, has now been inaugurated as Beşler Lidaş.

Beşler Lidaş Tarım Ürünleri Lisanslı Depoculuk A.Ş., the latest investment of Beşler Grup, has commenced operations in the 2nd Organized Industrial Zone of Gaziantep. Equipped with 19 CHIEF brand steel silos, each with a raw material storage capacity of 5,000 tons, Beşler Lidaş is actively engaged in the field of humidity and temperature measurement devices.

Beşler Lidaş, with its 95,000-ton cereal storage capacity and 19 steel silos, provides modern storage systems. Through automated systems, it can achieve a discharge capacity of 7,200 tons within 24 hours for loading and unloading operations.

Following the construction of the 135,000-ton Beşler Agro Type A General Warehouse facility in Payas in 2023, the company continues its success in licensed warehousing. With a qualified team, it embraces a service approach that is both high-quality and adaptable to change, informing investors about licensed warehousing to facilitate informed decisions. 

Beşler Grup, which includes Beşler Lidaş, is renowned as a leader in Turkey's flour, pasta, and feed industry, all agriculture-based. With the group's expertise and experience in the sector, Beşler Lidaş is confidently advancing toward becoming the rising star of Beşler Grup in the field of licensed warehousing.

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