Anselmo announces the integration of LTA

10 February 20201 min reading

After FEN integration in June last year, the LTA company has also become part of Anselmo Impianti Group, one of the world reference companies for production of machines and systems for pasta factories.

LTA, is an highly specialized company in the field of engineering, construction and installation of automatic lines for the production of special shapes of pasta like: Lasagne, Matasse, Nests. Furthermore a full range of semi-automatic plants, are also produced by LTA, for the production, in small scale, of any kind normal or special pasta. “The main objective of this integration is to offer to the food production companies that already operate in the pasta and snacks sectors, and those that intend to enter in it, a wider range of options to expand their offer, having a stronger partner able to support them in their development, with different technologies and a stronger level of service.” Anselmo said. FEN, global market leader in the field of grain/legumes flour cooking, has brought in Anselmo, in addition to its own production of plants for snack pellets, direct expanded snacks, breakfast cereals, instant powders, a deep knowledge of gluten free pasta production.
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