AXOR, launches new logo, taking the next step for the brand

28 March 20232 min reading

AXOR Srl, an Italian company one of the leading in pasta manufacturing technologies, has announced the launch of its new logo, representing the next step for the brand. The new logo has been created to adapt the brand while rooted in its heritage, featuring a modern, elegant font and lines that reflect the company’s next level of evolution.

In 2021, Alapala, one of the leaders in grain processing technologies became a majority shareholder of AXOR Srl. This acquisition has enabled AXOR to expand its capabilities, to have the opportunity to grow in global markets, as well as to provide integrated innovative solutions for the needs of its customers in the food processing industry. “We are thrilled to introduce our new logo, which represents the next level of our brand,” said Görkem Alapala, CEO of Alapala Group: “With this new brand identity, we aim to showcase our evolution, modernity, and ambitious plans for the future. This is the next step in our journey and we’re excited to share it with our customers and stakeholders.”

The new logo is a modern and elegant representation of AXOR’s transition towards a future-oriented approach. The minimalist design embodies the company’s new ambition and its commitment to continue growing in the market. Featuring the Italian flag with an aesthetic appearance emphasizes that AXOR is an Italian company with the highest level of production quality, technology, know-how, and engineering. “At AXOR, we believe that it’s important to stay ahead of the curve and embrace change,” said Marco Mistroni, CEO of AXOR: “The new logo represents our propensity to change and our willingness to take bold steps to achieve our goals. We’re ambitious for the future and this new brand identity reflects that.”

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