Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition is now a non-governmental organization

30 April 20142 min reading
Established for the purpose of developing interdisciplinary solutions together with economics, medicine, sociology and environmental sciences to the problems of the world experienced in food and nutrition fields, Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition (BCFN) has been transformed into a non-governmental organization. Established in 2009 for the purpose of examining basic foodstuff and nutrition issues and developing solutions to the critical problems; making significant studies in its field, Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition (BCFN) has completed its process becoming a foundation and has become a non-governmental organization. Besides Roberto Ciati, Lucio Riva, Anna Ruggerini and Luca Virginio; founder and Chairman of Slow Food International Carlo Petrini, Chairman of European Parliament Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development Paolo De Castro and Bocconi University Vice-chancellor Alberto Grando are included in the foundation’s board of directors whose chairman is Guido Barilla. THE FIRST OFFICIAL ACTIVITY OF THE FOUNDATION IS MILAN PROTOCOL Becoming a completely independent organization whose management rules, functions and powers are dependent on decrees in the process of becoming a foundation; BCFN shared Milan Protocol, whose pre-studies were announced before, as the first official activity of the foundation. Talking on the establishment of the foundation, BCFN Chairman Guido Barilla said: “We are honored as the important and influential people accepted to be a part of our foundation. We can accelerate the activities of BCFN in line with the goal of finding applicable solutions for the future welfare of people, the society and our planet together with these people and our Advisory Board members”. The first study of the foundation is Milan Protocol which was announced at the fifth of Food and Nutrition Forum realized in November 2013 and is aimed to come into effect officially at Expo Milan 2015. Emphasizing the importance of the protocol, Carlo Petrini made the following statement: “If a Protocol that is significantly important in terms of history is put forward by a private foundation, it is obvious that the international politics cannot response fast enough. This is a highly important protocol and the world of politics should be directly involved instead of waiting for someone to take a step.”
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