Barilla turns 145 with innovations

31 October 20222 min reading

Focusing on providing its consumers with pasta, sauces, pesto and cooked foods with a better nutritional profile and lower environmental impact, as well as products containing less salt, oil, sugar and more fiber, Barilla celebrates its 145th anniversary with innovations.

Barilla, which carries out its production activities in 30 facilities, including Türkiye, with its founder Pietro Barilla’s principle “You will not produce anything that you will not feed your children”, welcomed its new age with its new logo and new package design. Bringing the emotional value of the brand to the center once again with the phrase “expression of love” on its 145th anniversary, the company introduced its renewed logo to its consumers. For the first time in 25 years, the global food giant took its place on the shelves with its renewed logo by focusing on the development of cultures and people, as well as new product packages that take it one step closer to its sustainability goals. 

Barilla renewed its logo with modern touches. In the logo, the red oval structure is preserved and a darker red was preferred to express the love of pasta more strongly. The long-established history of the company was also highlighted in the logo, where the new red color met Barilla’s blue.

The company, which is also a pioneer with its work on the sustainability of the planet, continues to reduce its impact on the world within the scope of its commitment of “The Joy of Food for a Better Life”. With the new solutions it has adopted, the company has also presented its new product package to consumers in its 145th year. The food giant, which has removed the plastic windows in the Classic Series in the new packaging, will reduce its annual plastic consumption by 126 thousand kilograms with this change. The company aims to remove all forms of plastic from its packaging by 2030, in line with its sustainability goals.

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