Bayer supports sustainable wheat production

16 May 20232 min reading

Bayer contributes to healthy and sustainable wheat agriculture with innovative, technological and holistic solutions.

Bayer aims to ensure healthy, efficient and sustainable wheat production by offering a holistic solution package to producers from seed to harvest with its plant protection products, digital agriculture applications and agricultural engineers active in the field.

Bayer helps producers in the fight against diseases and weeds with its innovative plant protection products, especially Variano EC 400 and Cayunis EC 325, which provide long-term effective protection against root and root collar rot, septoria leaf spot, grain powdery mildew and rust diseases that cause yield loss in wheat production areas, and Anthology WG, which provides effective control against narrow and broadleaf weeds that negatively affect the development of wheat.

Furthermore, the Climate FieldView digital agriculture application allows producers to remotely monitor field health and crop water use via satellite maps at any time with their computers or mobile devices and manage the risks they face. With this system, producers can easily observe underdeveloped areas in their fields, prevent yield losses and save time and labor.

Producers can detect diseases and weeds in problematic areas diagnosed with the Climate FieldView application within seconds with the MagicScout mobile application, which can be downloaded free of charge from digital markets such as Google Play and App Store. MagicScout, which works with artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, can also be used in areas without internet connection.

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