Biscolata Mood among top 10 snacks of America

28 November 20191 min reading

Biscolata Mood, the product, which has reached worldwide success, of Şölen, one of Turkey’s leading companies in snacks industry, ranked among the favorite snacks of American consumers as well. Şölen, one of leading companies of Turkish snacks industry, has achieved a worldwide success with Biscolata Mood. Biscolata Mood ranked among “America’s Top 10 Snacks” as part of “The Snackie Awards”, which was organized by Today, one of the most well-known American newspapers, and where the best snacks in America were selected. Biscolata Mood, which attracts the attention of consumers thanks to its delicate crispy biscuits and chocolate filling inside with its taste on one hand and with emojis on the other, received 4.8 stars out of 5 and was selected as “Top Cookie’ in America.

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